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Maian Lockbox v2.3 Released
This is a maintenance release to fix a few issues since the last version.

It also adds support for Paypal`s new SSL endpoints for their IPN system. If you are using Paypal you MUST install SSL for your lockbox system before June 2018 when Paypal switch off callbacks to none secure websites. If you don`t install SSL and you use Paypal, your lockbox payment system will stop working in June. v2.3 of Maian Lockbox assumes SSL is installed.

You can find the changelog and download info on the Maian Lockbox website. For upgrades, refer to the upgrade section in the docs.


Thank you,
David - Lead Developer (MSWorld)
Kung Hei Fat Choy & February 2018 Updates
For anyone who celebrates the up and coming Lunar New Year, have a great time. Wishing you the best for the Year of the Dog. :)

Sorry for the delay with Maian Support 3.7, it is coming soon, I promise. Also, Maian Music 2.5 is nearly in beta, so if you are interested in testing, please drop me a line.

Some of you may have noticed a few changes to the websites here at MSWorld. Many have been updated for better performance on small devices, others just needed a facelift. There will be a few new features added over the coming months, including a new product blog.

I will also be revising the free products here at MSWorld soon, so they all run on PHP7. A lot of people have asked about it and for sure, I don`t want these useful utilities to die, so PHP7 support is coming soon to all of them, along with a few other updates and new websites.

Other new products are also coming soon over the next few months, so already a busy year here at MSWorld.

More updates soon.


Thank you,
David - Lead Developer (MSWorld)
Maian Stripe v1.0 Released
I am pleased to announce the first official release of Maian Stripe, a lightweight ecommerce system for the Stripe payment system.

For information and details on this new software, please visit:

This is the third release in the lightweight ecommerce series. More on the way in the next few weeks.

Hope you enjoy the new software. Any questions, let me know.


Thank you,
David - Lead Developer (MSWorld)
Happy New Year - Current Updates - Jan 2018
Hope everyone had a good holiday and Happy New Year. :)

A few updates on the current progress of things here at MSWorld:

Maian Support v3.7 - Currently in beta and coming soon

Maian Music v2.5 - Nearly beta ready, coming soon.

Maian Stripe - Small e-commerce system for Stripe payment gateway - Coming soon

Maian Coin - Small e-commerce system for Bitcoin - Coming soon

More information soon.


Thank you,
David - Lead Developer (MSWorld)
Dec 2017 Updates & Merry Christmas
Beta testing for Maian Support 3.7 is in progress and the new version will be released Jan 2018:

Also, Maian Music 2.5 is now in progress and will also go live Jan / Feb 2018:

Maian Stripe v1.0 will be released in the new year now, sorry for the delay. This will be followed by other light ecommerce systems.

Finally, thanks to everyone who has supported my software in 2017, I really appreciate it.

Have a great Christmas and New Year.


Thank you,
David - Lead Developer (MSWorld)
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