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2 New Free Scripts Coming Soon
A couple of new free scripts will soon be added to the MSW suite. A while back I wrote 2 commercial scripts called 'Instant Survey Script' and 'Adspurt'. Some of you may have seen them.

These are now going to be re-packaged as Maian Survey and Maian Ads respectively and will be completely free.

They should both be live in the coming weeks. If you are a subscriber to my newsletter, notification will follow automatically.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.
Maian Cube Beta Testing
Maian Cube is now available for beta testing. This is a self hosted licence system for ionCube.

If anyone would like to beta test Maian Cube, please let me know. Note that the Pro or Cerberus versions of the ionCube encoding system are required.

Thank you.
UK Cookie Paranoia
As many of you may be aware, a new EU legislation was introduced on the 26th May 2011 with regards to the use of cookies. This law was relaxed for 12 months to allow UK sites to comply with this new directive as many didn`t bother complying with the law or didn`t fully understand what this was all about. Many still don`t. lol. Basically, any website in the UK must now ask a visitors consent to set a cookie on their machine if they are in the EU. This doesn`t necessarily apply to session based cookies, but does with regards to say, Google Analytics. The new law comes into affect now on the 27th May 2012. This crazy new law could have serious impacts on affiliate programs and ad revenue, but no-one seems to care. This website only sets a cookie for the forum login if you wish to be remembered. However, my affiliate system has been updated to ask for consent when setting tracking cookies for people in the EU for my commercial products. Sad, but true. Lets all move abroad. Yippee.
Maian Cube Coming Soon
Hope everyone in the UK is enjoying the bank holiday weekend. Weather looks so-so as usual, but at least it feels a little warmer. I`m looking forward to the World snooker final, which hopefully will be terrific.

The next script to go live is a brand new one. This is Maian Cube, which is a standalone license system that supports ionCubes make_license program. If you would like to offer some time to beta test, let me know. This should be ready by the end of the month. Or maybe early June.

Note that to test you`ll need to have the Cerberus or Pro version of ionCube.

Thank you.
Maian Cart v2.05 Coming Soon
Just a heads up to let everyone know that v2.05 of Maian Cart will be released on Sunday 22nd April.

This version sees over 40 updates, including new features, updates and fixes. This follows on from some great feedback I received for 2.04, so I`m glad to see a few visitor requests in the new release. Some are specific to certain visitor requests, but may be useful to others.

I`ve tried to make the upgrade routine better in this version and from now a single routine covers all upgrades. Its not always easy when so many files have been changed.

If you have purchased any previous version, notification will be auto sent when 2.05 goes live.

Nice to see a few people signing up for my Affiliate Program as well. Lets hope its beneficial to all. I`m also in the process of preparing a reseller option, which will appear later in the year. More info on that when its available.
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