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Maian Cart v2.05 Coming Soon
Just a heads up to let everyone know that v2.05 of Maian Cart will be released on Sunday 22nd April.

This version sees over 40 updates, including new features, updates and fixes. This follows on from some great feedback I received for 2.04, so I`m glad to see a few visitor requests in the new release. Some are specific to certain visitor requests, but may be useful to others.

I`ve tried to make the upgrade routine better in this version and from now a single routine covers all upgrades. Its not always easy when so many files have been changed.

If you have purchased any previous version, notification will be auto sent when 2.05 goes live.

Nice to see a few people signing up for my Affiliate Program as well. Lets hope its beneficial to all. I`m also in the process of preparing a reseller option, which will appear later in the year. More info on that when its available.
Maian Cart v2.05 Released
v2.05 of my e-commerce platform has now been released.

Visit the Maian Cart website for the changelog and download/upgrade information.

Thank you and enjoy.
Maian Support v2.1 Released
v2.1 of Maian Support is now available for download, hope you like the new look and features list.

Next up is a complete revamp of the MSW infrastructure. As detailed right, coming in April are:

- New MSW website
- New script websites
- Affiliate system
- New forums

During the next few weeks, a few changes might affect a few areas of the site, so any issues please let me know asap.

More information very soon. In the meantime, thank you to the beta testers who helped with testing Maian Support v2.1. Your help is always invaluable, thanks guys.
Maian Support v2.1
The new version of Maian Support v2.1 goes live on March 18th. The price will increase to its final price of GBP29.95 at this time, so now is a good chance to grab a copy as all upgrades are free. If you were waiting for 2.1, best to purchase now to save some money. :)

The next update for Maian Support will see the introduction of a mobile version, which should be quite exciting.

The new Maian Script World site is also nearly ready, as is my affiliate system and also new websites for all scripts.

More soon.
Major Changes Coming Soon
The next few weeks sees a major infrastructure change here at MSW. This includes a brand new website and support forum as well as separate websites for each of my script projects.

Its something I`ve been thinking about and I`m hard at work implementing the changes. Script development is on hold for a short time while these changes are put in place. The new website is being built using Wordpress, which I have to say, is pretty amazing. This will be the first time I`ve worked with Wordpress, and going forward I may start writing plugins for it.

The new website when launched will also detail some other projects which I`m working on, including some new marketing projects. More info soon.
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