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Maian Cart 2.1 - Beta Release
The beta release of Maian Cart 2.1 will be available at the weekend. This is the latest version of my e-commerce system and includes many new features and enhancements. If you haven`t already viewed the new features they can be seen on the Maian Cart website.

If you have time and would like to help beta test this new version, please let me know via the contact page. If you beta tested previous versions you`ll automatically receive email notification from me when its available.

I will also be making some changes to the site and script structure in the coming months. Whilst I would loved to have created new versions for a lot of my scripts, I have to accept that development takes time and new versions aren`t going to happen. Because of this, I`ll be making some annoucements about some of my scripts in the next few weeks.

Hope everyone is doing ok.
May - Development Updates
The weeks just keep rolling on by, hard to believe its nearly the middle of May.

Maian Cart development continues. I`ve integrated and tested about 75% of the gateways now. Some are real easy to test and some not so easy. Some are not helped by a customer service team run by monkeys. I won`t mention any particular gateways, but the responses I`m getting when asking simply for a test account is quite staggering.

Worth of a good mention are Realex Payments in the UK who were fantastic and very helpful.

I`m currently implementing IcePay and Beanstream. Might also add Dwolla as that looks easy enough and possibly Paypal Express Checkout. I`ve yet to hear back from some gateways, which is slowing the process down. I`ll only give it so long, then cross them off the list. I`m aiming for Maian Cart to support around 25 gateways for 2.1.

I was hoping the beta would be ready this month, but I`ll try for next month. Sorry its dragging on so long.
April - Development Updates
A few people have asked about the new version of Maian Music. This project has been on hold since Aug 2012, so shows no signs of being available anytime soon. It will of course be completed at some point in time, but with work and development on current projects its a slow process for sure.

The new version of Maian Cart is progressing nicely though with v2.1 seeing a whole load of new changes and updates. I`m not sure I planned it to be such a big update, but with all the excellent feedback and a lot of my own ideas, its going to be worthwhile when its done. Still not sure when the beta will be available, I`m still running extensive tests on the new payment gateways.

Current updates are here:

Hope everyone is doing ok.
Maian Cart 2.1 - Release Date
My thanks to the beta testers who helped put 2.1 through its paces. I can now confirm the following:

Sunday 25th August - Pre-nickel sale launch. Starts at £1, and increments by 15p. This enables anyone to grab some cheap licences. Sale will run until Saturday 31st August. I`ll post notification on my website, facebook and twitter, but notifications get sent to existing buyers and subscribers first.

Sunday 1st September - Official release date.

Notification will be sent out to subscribers and purchasers of any previous version once the new version is released.
Maian Cart v2.1 Update
Has anyone has seen who is following the update progress, v2.1 of Maian Cart already has a load of new features and changes. Its been awhile since the last update, so lots of feature requests have built up. I`m currently going through various gateway API`s seeing which ones are easily implementable in the cart system. Its amazing how APIs vary with gateways. Some are easy, whilst some require a lot of head scratching. Terminology and instructions aren`t always the best. So far Cardsave, Nochex APC, Sage Pay & Payfast are integrated with hopefully loads more to come. If you have a particular gateway you would like to see added, let me know. Not sure of the release date yet for 2.1. More news when I have it.
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