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Maian Cart v2.1 & Maian Support v2.2
The new version of Maian Cart is now in development, info on its progress can be seen here. It was provisionally 2.06, but its been escalated to 2.1 due to some of the changes. The new version of Maian Support (2.2) will be launched in February. Not sure of the launch date as yet, but looking like it will be the 18th. I`ll also run a Nickel Sale for this one to enable people to get the system for a very low price. Info will be posted on the website about this one and also sent to subscribers. If you have already purchased its a free upgrade. Speaking of Nickel Sales, I have sent out notification about the Maian Lockbox pre-launch sale to subscribers. This goes live Monday 28th Jan @ 6pm. It will run for 5/6 days and each day at a random time I`ll reset it back to the start price. Maian Lockbox officially goes live on Monday 4th February.
Maian Lockbox - Pre-Launch Nickel Sale & Release Date
The pre-launch sale for Maian Lockbox will be on Monday 28th January at 6pm UK time and will run for 7 days. The sale will start at £1.00 and will increment by 15p for each sale. So, you have a chance to get my new lockbox system for a very low price. Notification will be sent to subscribers ONLY when the pre-launch sale is ready. If you miss out on the pre-launch sale, don`t worry, discount coupons are regularly emailed to subscribers for 50% discounts on all of my commercial scripts. Actual sale price for the commercial version of Maian Lockbox will be £39.95 and the official launch date will be Monday 4th February. There is a free version too, which has a few limited features.
Maian Lockbox v1.0 Released
The first release of my membership system Maian Lockbox is now available for download/purchase. Thanks to everyone who helped test this new system and I hope you find it useful. v2.2 of Maian Support will be launched on Feb 18th. Look out for the pre-launch Nickel Sale on the 11th. This will enable you to get the system for a very low price prior to launch. This is a great opportunity to get more licences as a cheap price if you already have a licence. Information will be sent to subscribers and previous buyers first. If you are not a subscriber, the sale info will be posted on this website and Facebook on the 12th Feb. More info soon.
Maian Support v2.2 Beta
The beta version for v2.2 of my help desk system will be available on Sunday 13th January. This version sees many feature requests and new features as well as some bug fixes. A list of the main changes can be found on the Maian Support website. This is the final update before the mobile version, which should be ready later in the year. If you are interested in testing, let me know. If you have already contacted me, notification will be sent shortly. [UPDATE] Now available for testing. View changelog. If you are interested in testing, please contact me.
Server Drive Failure
Well, this year has got off to the same start as last year as my dedicated server suffered a drive failure last night. A server reboot somehow corrupted the file system. Don`t ask me why. I`m still installing from backups, so all MSWorld related websites should be back up and running by this evening. Apologies for the inconvenience.
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