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September Updates
The Maian Lockbox system will be ready soon. I was hoping the beta would be ready this month, but I`ll see how it goes. More than likely it won`t be ready until October. This is mainly due to a rewrite of some areas and a few new feature additions. Maian Cart and Maian Support will have updates asap, but there isn`t any set date at the moment. More news in the coming weeks.
Maian Cube Released
Maian Cube, my self hosted license system for ionCube has now been released. My thanks to anyone who helped test the software. This is the initial release, so please let me know if you find any issues. Maian Cube is offered fully functional as a trial for 14 days, after which time a license must be purchased to unlock the system. The introductory price is GBP29.95, this will increase in 30 days to its final price of GBP39.95. More information on the Maian Cube website. Maian Guardian, which is the same for Source Guardian, is coming later. This will be launched later in the year or early next year. Thank you and I hope you find the new system useful.
JULY - script news and development
Thanks to the people who have helped me with beta testing for Maian Cube. Release date is looking like either the 22nd or 29th of this month. Thanks also to Nick at ionCube for support and advice. In other news, admin backends are now completed for Maian Responder 1.0, Maian Gallery 3.0 and Maian Lockbox 1.0, and Maian Music 2.0 is also not far away. I`ve also started Maian Affiliate 1.0 as well, so lots going on at the moment. Its looking like Maian Lockbox 1.0 will be the next new script to be launched, so more news as that gets close to its beta release. August should also see further updates for Maian Cart and Maian Support, although people waiting patiently for the mobile version of the support system will have to wait until next year. Thats still in its early phases at the moment. Hope everyone has a good weekend.
Maian ads and maian survey now live
Two brand new FREE scripts are now available for download here at MSWorld. Maian Ads - Hover Ad advertising system using keywords - This was originally released as AdSpurt and is a keyword ad system that uses hover ads. I think it was retailing for nearly $30 originally. It supports both ClickBank and PayDotCom and is a useful marketing tool. Maian Survey - Survey system with keyword analysis tool - This was originally released as Instant Survey Script and again, retailed for around $30. Its a survey system that has keyword analysis and other features. Both systems are unencoded and completely free. I`ve brought the code for both systems up to date, so they aren`t quite the same as the original commercial versions. Note that they are only compatible with PHP5 or higher. Its now time I dropped support for PHP5, so going forward most scripts will now require a minimum of PHP5. PHP4 is simply too old and like IE6, needs to be forgotten. Especially with PHP6 on the way. I hope you enjoy these free systems. Any issues, post on the support forums.
Script Updates and French Open Tennis
There`s been some fantastic tennis again this year at the French Open and I`ll have my feet up watching the finals this weekend.

In script news, both Maian Ads and Maian Survey will be ready by the end of the month. These are 2 new free scripts being added to the free scripts suite. Notification will be sent to subscribers. Both are unencoded and totally free.

Maian Cube is complete, but I`m waiting to hear back from ionCube on a couple of things, so the beta version is imminent. Also, development for both Maian Lockbox and Maian Responder is nearing completion, so they should be ready for beta testing in a month or two.

Have a great weekend anyone. :)
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