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Maian Responder Beta Release Date
The beta version for Maian Responder should be ready on Monday 4th August. If anyone would like to help beta test this software, please let me know.

More info on Maian Responder on the website:

The next release after this will be the update for Maian Cart.
Maian Responder v1.0 Coming Soon
My next new piece of software Maian Responder will soon be ready for beta testing. I started this project back in 2012, but never finished it and now its finally nearing completion. I`ve revamped the layout via Bootstrap 3, so the final product will be much better than what it would have been. Its a simple system, but has a few useful features.

Maian Responder is a self hosted auto responder for marketeers and more info can be found on the Maian Responder website.

Once beta testing is ready I`ll post again, but as I fly to South Korea on Wed and then to the UK 2 days after I get back, the earliest chances of beta are looking like late July/early August. I`ll see how it pans out.

Thanks to anyone who has emailed me about the new Maian Support version, glad you like it. :)
Maian Support v3.0 Launched
v3.0 of Maian Support has now been released.

You can view the changelog on the Maian Support website:
Maian Support v3.0 - Pre Launch Nickel Sale Live
The pre-launch nickel sale for Maian Support v3.0 is now live. Enjoy.

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Maian Support v3.0 - Pre Launch Nickel Sale
v3.0 of Maian Support will finally be released on Wednesday 28th May 2014.

New features for this release:

Before that will be a pre-launch nickel sale on Wednesday 21st May to enable you to grab some free licences. Nickel sale will start at GBP1.00.

Thanks to everyone for helping beta test and I hope you like this new version.
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