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New Websites Now Live
The new MSWorld website and infrastructure is now live. If anyone has any issues, please let me know.

The support forums will return shortly.

Edit: Support forums now available
August News
A few people have been contacting me recently about Maian Music and Maian Lockbox. As soon as these systems are available in beta I`ll post on the beta page. Maian Lockbox will be ready shortly and is the next new script to be available. Its worth noting that Maian Music is NOT for multiple musicians. I never intended it for multiple musicians, it was always meant as a simple system whereby a musician could sell his/her music online. v2.0 enforces that as artist filters are dropped and emphasis is on a simple setup. There are no options for musicians to signup and add their music, which seems to be what some are expecting. Its a simple mp3 music store for A musician. I`ll be starting updates soon for Maian Support and Maian Cart. Not sure when these will be done or what features I`m adding, but Maian Suppor users can expect sub categories and attachments for the FAQ section as well as changes to the timestamp routines. As I`ll be focusing on Maian Music and Maian Lockbox, these updates might be later than expected, but I`ll see how it goes. Thats all for the moment.
Maian Support 2.3 in Development
Now in development is v2.3 of Maian Support.

This release will see a brand new interface. The new layout is html5 responsive for tablets and mobile devices and will utilise the brilliant Twitter Bootstrap.

Besides the new interface, a few new features and enhancements will also be added. You can keep up with progress here.
Maian Support v3.0 Beta 1 is Ready
Maian Support v3.0 beta 1 is now available for testing. If you would like to test, please use the contact option above. If you have already contacted me, an email will have been sent.

Thank you.
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