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Latest News

June 2020 - Updates
I hope everyone is staying safe and well.

There is a slight delay with the Maian Greetings (v3.2) update, but this will go live very soon. You can see the changes on the Changelog page:

Also, two more updates are very nearly completed and will be coming soon:

Maian Weblog v5.3

Maian Affiliate v1.1

More info on the way very soon.


Thank you,
David - Lead Developer (MSWorld)
May 2020 - Updates
I hope everyone is safe and well during these troubled times.

Maian Greetings v3.2 will be the next release here at MSWorld. This sees the two most requested features now available:

- Visitor image uploads
- Multiple recipients (free version max 3)

It is currently in the testing phases and will be released soon. You can see the changelog on the Maian Greetings website:

Other software updates are in progress and will be available as the year progresses. There are no timeframes at the moment.

Please take care everyone. :)


Thank you,
David - Lead Developer (MSWorld)
Maian Cart v3.8 Released
I am pleased to announce the release of Maian Cart v3.8, this updates a few libraries, fixes some bugs and updates the Authorize.net payment gateway.

If you are using Authorize.net you must update your installation and update the signature key, which is generated in your Authorize.net control panel. Previously in Maian Cart this would have been the value of a MD5 hash, but this must now be an actual signature key. See the docs for assistance. Please do not just change the key in your existing installation, the core files must also be updated as they contain API changes related to the Authorize.net gateway. This update removes support for the AIM/SIM methods which are soon to be deprecated. No other gateways are affected.

You can find the changelog and download info on the Maian Cart website. For upgrades, refer to the upgrade section in the docs.



As always, this is a free upgrade for commercial licence purchasers. Hope you like the new version.


Thank you,
David - Lead Developer (MSWorld)
Maian Support v4.3 Released
I am pleased to announce the latest version of Maian Support has now been released. This update sees a lot of new features and changes. Thank you very much for any feedback you have provided and I'm sorry if your feature recommendation didn't make it this time. There are more updates and new features on the way.

To view the changelog, please visit the following:

IMPORTANT: The cron job locations for the following have now changed:

close-tickets.php, db-backup.php & email-digest.php

These were located in the root of Maian Support before, but are now located in the following directory:

You MUST update your cron jobs to point to the new location if you are upgrading. Nothing has changed for imap routines or the API.

Hope you enjoy the latest version.


Thank you,
David - Lead Developer (MSWorld)
February 2020 Updates
v4.3 of Maian Support is completed and will be released very soon, this sees many changes and new features. Thanks to everyone for some excellent feedback. You can view the changelog on the Maian Support website.

Maian Support Changelog

The Maian Script World newsletter has now been discontinued. If you subscribed to any newsletters, your email address has been deleted from the database, unless you have purchased a commercial licence or have donated. Only people who have purchased a commercial licence or have donated will now receive discount coupons and information on new releases. If you want to be kept up to date with software releases, subscribe to the RSS feeds on any of the software websites.

Maian Script World Product Versions and RSS Feeds

Discount coupons will be posted on this site now if any promotions are running.

Updates for Maian Weblog and Maian Greetings are on the way with other updates following later in the year.


Thank you,
David - Lead Developer (MSWorld)
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