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Maian Music v2.0 Release Date
I`m pleased to announce that Maian Music v2.0 will go live on Wed 14th October, along with the new MSWorld website.

If you are a newsletter subscriber you`ll receive a launch discount coupon after launch.

Shortly after this launch, Maian Cube 2.0 and Maian Lockbox 2.0 will also go live, with Maian Support v3.1 following towards the end of October.
Happy Mid Autumn Festival
This is the weekend of the Mid Autumn Festival here in Hong Kong, so all the best to anyone who celebrates it.

The new version of Maian Support is ready, so soon the changes will start to roll here at Maian Script World. First up will be a nickel sale for Maian Music v2.0, so finally it`s ready to launch. More info will follow in the next week or so.

Maian Support 3.0, Maian Cube 2.0 and Maian Lockbox 2.0 all go live, along with new websites for all areas of MSWorld. All are responsive. Sorry nothing has happened for a few weeks, but the changes I`ve made are necessary to move forward with MSWorld.

More information on the way. In the meantime, take care everyone.
August Updates
It`s been a fairly poor UK Summer as usual. Hopefully it improves as I`ll be taking a two week break from the 24th August.

The following are all coming soon and September should finally see some action here at MSWorld:

– Maian Cube v2.0 (Update, new responsive system)
– Maian Music v2.0 (Brand new, fully responsive)
– Maian Lockbox v2.0 (Update, new responsive system)
– Maian Support v3.1 (New improved responsive system and better performance for mobiles / tablets)


– New MSWorld website
– New licence centre
– New affiliate system

All responsive, bringing MSWorld more into line with the current mobile trends.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Summer and more updates soon.
July Updates
Hope everyone is having a good Summer.

The new MSWorld website is now completed as is the new licence centre and affiliate system. As are all brand new websites for commercial software. There will be a few changes when the new MSWorld website launches, more info on that when it goes live.

Currently I`m working on the new versions of Maian Support and Maian Cart, which sees them both work better on small devices with responsive layouts. I should have Maian Support 3.1 completed soon, Maian Cart will possibly be into next year.

Maian Cube 2.0, Maian Lockbox 2.0 and Maian Music 2.0 are all responsive and coming soon. I`ll possibly wait until Maian Support is completed before I launch Maian Music in case anyone was wondering.

More info soon.
June Updates
Maian Music v2.0 is ready for release and should go live shortly, as always with a new system there will be a pre launch sale, so keep an eye out for that. More info soon.

Maian Cube v2.0 and Maian Lockbox v2.0 are also completed. All will be released soon.
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