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Maian Support v3.5 Released
An update for Maian Support has been released, this fixes a few issues since 3.4. View changelog at:

Thank you.
Maian Cart v3.0 Released
v3.0 of Maian Cart has now been released.

This is a major overhaul of the cart system to bring it into line with other responsive systems. All previous versions should now be considered obsolete. Note that v3.0 does not require ionCube to run.

For the full changelog, please see the following:

To see a live demo of the new system, please visit:

If you have purchased Maian Cart previously, this upgrade is FREE. You can upgrade from any v2.0 branch to the new version. To upgrade:

1. Please refer to the upgrade appendix in the documentation to detail what will change when you upgrade. Docs > Software Info > Apendix.
2. If you are happy, follow the upgrade instructions in the documentation via the 'Upgrades' link.

Discount coupons for subscribers / previous buyers will be sent out shortly.

I hope you like the new version and I`m sorry for the delay.
Happy New Year
Firstly, I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year.

I am excited to say that the New Year sees 3 new releases here at MSWorld.

Maian Cart 3.0 - The lastest version is responsive for mobiles and tablets and will be released on Jan 16th.

Maian Guardian 1.0 - An online licence system for the Source Guardian encryption system. Release date hopefully Jan 23 or Jan 30.

Maian Weblog 5.0 - Yep, my blog system finally gets a new build. The new version is simple, responsive and easy to use. Jan 30/Feb 6.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who has supported my software over the last 12 months, it`s really appreciated.

Stay safe and well everyone.
Script News & Merry Christmas
I am finally pleased to announce that v3.0 of Maian Cart will go live in January 2017.

Also released in January is v1.0 of Maian Guardian, a self hosted licence system for Source Guardian. Similar to Maian Cube, but for the Source Guardian encryption system.

January will also see a minor price increase for some of the software here at MSW. If you are thinking of a commercial licence, now will be a good time before the price increase.

Finally, let me wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Maian Cart v3.0 Beta 5 Available
I am pleased to announce that the beta 5 release of Maian Cart v3.0 is now available. This is also RC2 (release candidate 2):

Official release is looking like Dec 16 or early Jan 17.

The next update for Maian Support is coming early 2017 in case you were wondering. Maian Guardian should also be available early 2017.
There has been 1 important security update issued in the last 30 days. This must be patched immediately.

Click here for more details.
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