Frequently Asked Questions

Does any of your software contain ads or spyware?
No, absolutely not.
Does your software work on tablets / mobiles?
All new software is built to be responsive for tablets / mobiles. Older software will be updated, so please refer to the relevant website.
Does your software work on Windows and Apache servers?
Yes, it will run on both platforms.
Does your software work with PHPv7.0?
PHP7 support is coming soon to all software and may already be implemented in some cases, so please check the software website.
How do I generate a licence for your software?
Please log into the licence centre and follow the instructions.
Does your software work with PHPv4.0?
No, this version of PHP is simply too old and is no longer supported.
Why should I buy any commercial software from you?
Firstly, my support is second to none. You`ll get a reply from me quickly, even at the weekend. Second, unlike other software companies who outsource work, you are in contact with the developer directly. Issues are fixed in minutes, rather than days or months.

And third, I like to think I offer great value for money. All future upgrades are free.
Does your software work with register_globals ON or OFF?
Register_globals has been a main bugbear of PHP when it comes to security. Many exploits are down to poorly coded scripts and register_globals being enabled on a server. All my software will work with register_globals ON or OFF, however if you have access to your PHP.ini file it is recommended they run with this set to OFF.

The PHP development team are addressing the issue of register_globals in PHP6.
How secure is your software?
I like to think they are very secure, but minor security flaws do appear from time to time as it does with all software. If you do hear of an exploit in any of my software, please let me know and I`ll update it. In general, all security issues are fixed within 24hrs of them being reported to me.
Can I remove the copyright notices in the software?
Yes, please see the licence page for more info or the relevant software website.
Can I resell or rebrand the software?
Yes, if a white label licence is available. Check the relevant software website.
Can you recommend a good hosting company for your software?
There are many good hosts and I don`t endorse any particular one as everyone has different experiences.
Can you modify the software for me?
Yes, I can. This though, depends on the scope of the modification required and how busy I am with current projects. Please contact me with more details on the kind of modification you require and I`ll get back to you.
Do you offer software installation services?
Yes, please see the installation service on the relevant software website.
Are older versions of your software available?
All older versions of my software have been discontinued and are no longer supported. If you require an older version, you can contact me.
What guarantees do you offer when using your software?
There are no guarantees. All software is a work in progress and may contain small bugs. You use them at your own risk as you do any software. I would encourage anyone who finds a bug to report it to me as soon as possible. Thanks.
Can I hire you to do custom programming work?
Yes. Please contact me with more details on the kind of work you require and I`ll get back to you. I can`t always guarantee I can help, it depends on my current workload and the turnaround time you are looking for.
I need to submit a support ticket. Where`s the link?
A support ticket system isn`t currently available. Please use the support forum.
If I pay a donation to remove the copyright, can I rebrand the software and sell it as my own?
No. Should you wish to rebrand any software, please contact me or check the relevant software website for a white label licence.
What does Maian mean?
A maian is a member of the spider crab family as far as I know. More info about this site can be found here.
Can you keep me informed of new software releases?
Please subscribe to my Newsletter if you wish to be kept informed of general news or updates.
Can I offer you an insane amount of money to buy the sole rights for your software?
Sure. If the right offer comes along and its genuine, I may be tempted.
How long has Maian Script World been trading and what guarantee do I have you won`t go out of business?
MSW is a trading name of Voyager Web Design UK, my main business. I`ve been in business now for 11 years and my PHP software has been around for 18 years. As with any business guarantees aren`t possible. I could win the lottery tomorrow. :)
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