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#1 casjubert 15-09-2021 18:11:01

Hello again

I'm trying to edit my default "About" page and use the code area to write my HTML/CSS into.
When I click "Update" it looks fine but when I open the actual page in the browser, it' all changed. Even the code I wrote into, it's all changed.

Any idea what I need to do, because in admin editing it looks all good, on the server it's everything over written ! ? !

I have attached some screenshots that show the differences.
On the ma-admin-2 image I have added a background colour so you can see the col html works fine. Why it is all overwritten on the server, this puzzles me (see the code change in the ma-server attached image.

Thank you

Last edited by casjubert (15-09-2021 18:32:02)

#2 casjubert 15-09-2021 18:56:59

I found it

Figured out that these pages (even existing, like the About page) use the ' new-page.tpl.php' .
I opened it and deleted the right column (code below)

Silly question but since I am on version 1.3, shall I guess that the paid version 3+? has that option in admin, where I can actually choose to have a full page or a 2-column page?

Please correct me, thanks.

      <div class="col-lg-3 col-md-4">
        include(dirname(__file__) . '/right-panel.tpl.php');
#3 msworld 16-09-2021 02:20:38

The screenshots are not from Maian Cart. Are you talking about the right system?

Are you using one of the lightweight carts? Maian Pal? Maian Stripe? For those you can already specify the template that loads via the options tab.

#4 casjubert 16-09-2021 12:45:24

then I don't know, you tell me.
I believed I had the maian script installed. Must have been drunk when I downloaded and installed it about 2 months ago. Wait a minute, I don't drink. And I don't use drugs neither, damn it. Must be my age then. smile

#5 msworld 16-09-2021 17:01:23

You are using Maian Stripe, not Maian Cart.

#6 casjubert 16-09-2021 20:46:34

How do I know?
If that's NOT you, I'd get onto, whoever stole your name because consider this:

1. I don't know Maian to start with.
2. In my search, if I come across Maia Stripe which is advertised as a Cart,
3. I don't look for any OTHER Maian.
4. Hence, you may miss out on business!

This is far too confusing But, I didn't create that confusion. I just found something and take it as it is. I don't assume.

Just a hint.

Even the H.E.L.P. sections look VERY the same to me.
Puts me off a little, must say, even though you may not like it. But making a potential customer sound stupid because YOU confuse them (and yourself - you couldn't even remember this version for whatever reasons), this is not a business relationship I'd consider as 'Health".
But I understand, in the clouds, different rules rule.

Anyway, I accept defeat - You win!

Last edited by casjubert (16-09-2021 22:09:07)

#7 msworld 17-09-2021 00:36:09

Sorry, but I have no idea what you are talkig about. lol.

You posted in the Maian Cart forum asking about Maian Cart, that's why I was confused. But then you posted your screenshots and I could see you are talking about Maian Stripe, not Maian Cart. Both different products, both owned by us. No problem.

Maian Cart

Maian Stripe

I think you got yourself a little confused, sorry about that.

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