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#1 ecnivnl 20-01-2021 12:04:59

Lately, our imap piping is working very slow with many memory in use (700+ MB).

Also, tickets are not interpreted well

(QmVzdGUgQmxhYQ0KDQpCbGFhDQpKZGthbA0KDQpKZGhqdXFob3ENCg0KZGphc2sNCg=) instead readable text.

Thirdly: our emails are converted as tickets twice (both the same email, but it hasn't been moved to Archive for some reason)

The problem existed with version 4.2 (on php7.2-fpm) and version 4.3 (on php7.2-fpm and php7.4-fpm)
We are using Office365 with IMAP support
Our ticket system has approx 718 tickets and 1025 replies
Has worked perfectly since december 2019 till last week
We have a paid license to Maian support.

On 4.2/php7.2 we also experienced this:

[Wed Jan 20 10:54:20.284492 2021] [proxy_fcgi:error] [pid 7847:tid 140044136191744] [client] AH01071: Got error 'PHP message: PHP Fatal error:  Out of memory (allocated 378564608) (tried to allocate 376465528 bytes) in /home/**userremoved**/domains/dtc.**domainremoved**.net/public_html/control/classes/class.imap.php on line 533\nPHP message: PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function linending() in /home/**userremoved**/domains/dtc.**domainremoved**.net/public_html/control/classes/class.errors.php:54\nStack trace:\n#0 [internal function]: msFatalErr()\n#1 {main}\n  thrown in /home/**userremoved**/domains/dtc.**domainremoved**.net/public_html/control/classes/class.errors.php on line 54\n'

Anybody a clue?

Last edited by ecnivnl (20-01-2021 12:06:35)

#2 ecnivnl 20-01-2021 12:12:06

Woops, should have been in the Maian Support-forum.

#3 msworld 21-01-2021 00:53:39

Woops, should have been in the Maian Support-forum.

No problem, I moved it. smile

Are you using the latest version of Maian Support? The class fatal error was fixed in a previous version.

I'm not sure what the problem might be. I would assume the memory allocation errors are related to the imap problem. Has something changed with your imap settings? When connecting via imap most mail servers send back very little in the way of useful error messages. Might be worth checking your server error log, see if there is anything there related to the imap routines.

As the mail isn't being moved to the archive folder, it would seem like a change in the imap settings is causing the issue.

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