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#1 IamKangy 23-02-2020 14:02:03

I am not sure if this is something you would consider for a feature release, but I will put it out there anyway,

What I would like to do is be able to set a set of business hours in my timezone. If a ticket is submitted outside these hours it sends an auto ticket reply with whatever I choose to write into it.

I hope you understand what I am meaning with this. If not I will try to clarify a bit more when I hear back.

#2 msworld 23-02-2020 14:33:25

Actually, already in my todo list is a similar thing and that is to set from/to hours for individual team members. I guess that would be a better approach as someone may have support staff working at different hours. If none are available, the default message is sent. I haven't included it in 4.3 (which is finished), but I'll have a think about adding it. It depends on the changes I need to make.

I'll let you know if it makes 4.3 or if it will appear in a future version.

#3 IamKangy 23-02-2020 20:24:38

Awesome, thank you David smile And that does sound like a better option especially when I know personally I also have staff in different time zones.

#4 msworld 24-02-2020 07:27:07

Sending out a default message is kind of pointless really. As it is the system already sends an email to a visitor when they open a ticket that says:

"Email notification will follow when this ticket has been updated by a member of staff."

So, that pretty much covers it. If it's out of hours, doesn't matter. Having an option for staff to not receive notifications between to/from hours could be useful I suppose.

How did you see it working for yourself and why do you need it? Just wondering on the best approach.

#5 IamKangy 24-02-2020 18:45:52

Basically I want either a default email template or one that I can edit (even one that might be there now that could be edited with the business hours).

The main reason is that if people aren't getting a reply from a member of staff they are contacting us on our personal Social Media accounts. So we need to make things clear in tickets, even though we already have this information on our Social Media pages and website. I want to have it in the first sending out of an email.

If an open ticket currently sends a default email I suppose I could edit that (if it is possible) to suit my needs as a default.

Last edited by IamKangy (24-02-2020 18:46:40)

#6 msworld 25-02-2020 02:19:25

That's probably the best option for now I think. The file you would need to update is:

Of course, whether people will actually read it is another matter. lol. I'll see about adding some auto mechanism in for 4.4.

#7 IamKangy 25-02-2020 10:03:10

Awesome. Do you have any idea of the due date for 4.3? If I read correctly it is now finished.

#8 msworld 25-02-2020 17:52:58

Yes, it is finished. No release date as yet. Should be early March.

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