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#1 440Music 13-07-2019 08:02:31

Hi All,

I just found MMuisic today and thought it looked interesting.

I've been reading the docs and don't find recommendations for a dedicated server.
In a very short time I'm adding a 3rd server to my web site and I'm going to use it for testing this program. I've tried installing on my home server unsuccessfully so far, I'll get.

These are the server OS options:
Ubuntu18 Basic Server
CentOS7 Basic Server
Debian (don't remember the v)

Apache or nginx
PHP version
MySQL or Mariadb
mod-rewrite on or off
gstreamer, lame, FMP, curl ...
what is recommended after basic server install?

#2 msworld 13-07-2019 10:30:31

You just need to make sure your server has the required options to run Maian Music. See the setup instructions in the docs smile

#3 440Music 10-08-2019 01:43:29

OK Installed CentOS7
made the edits to control/connect.php, admin/control/access.php and created the secure directory
When I launch the install it looks as if the install has stopped but after sitting for 5 minutes I web to the web site and low and behold it had installed.
I'm in the testing stage and I'm very hopeful because this is running on PHP7

#4 msworld 14-08-2019 03:08:21

Glad you got it working. If the spinner doesn`t complete, it can be a number of things that prevent it.

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