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#1 Woozle 11-07-2019 09:18:19

Hey there,

first of all: Thank you for this great software!

Installation, Mailing and all the other features are great and work perfectly!
We plan on purchasing the full version if we get everything runnning.

My two minor issues:

subscription confirmation
When I click the link in the Mail, I get this message

"An error has occurred. For more details please view "logs/errors.log"."

The error log shows the following:

Error Code: 8 Undefined index: joined
Date/Time: 11 July 2019 @ 11:10AM
Error on line 1050 in file /www/xxxxxxxx/kleinundfein-design/responder/signup.php 


Error Code: 2 Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /www/xxxxxxxxx/kleinundfein-design/responder/control/classes/class.errors.php:117)
Date/Time: 11 July 2019 @ 11:10AM
Error on line 1231 in file /www/xxxxxxxxx/kleinundfein-design/responder/signup.php 

I haven't modified any of these to files, so no idea.

unsub doesn't work
As another user in this forum posted:
The unsub link from the mail works, but unsubcribing doesnt.
After getting send to this URL "responder//unsub.php?e=-1" this message occurs:
"Great news - We cannot find your email address in our system, so perhaps you have already unsubscribed."

And the user is still in the mailing list.

I tried Unsubscribe Preference "Single Campaign and all campaign". Nothing works.

All help is greatly appreciated!


#2 msworld 11-07-2019 18:03:24

Thanks for your kind words Andre.

Let me check these problems and get back to you.

#3 msworld 12-07-2019 06:40:24

Hi Andre,

Firstly, never ever post server paths on a public forum. This is just as dangerous as posting your server login details. sad

Ok, I`ve fixed the first issue, that was a minor one, but thanks for letting me know.

I`m having trouble locating the unsub issue. I can see from your message that the unsub variable "-1" is invalid. So, must be a problem somewhere.

So far I have sent follow up and broadcast messages, resent messages and gone through with the sign up. All the unsub links are correct in all emails.

When does this issue occur for you? Can you talk me through the process of what you are doing?


#4 Woozle 12-07-2019 14:48:34

Hi David,

thanks for your fast reply.

The first issue is now gone, great!

For the second one:
I just register my acc, click on the verify link in the mail and everything seems fine.

When I got to "manage subscribers" in the backend the IDs shown in the adress bar show  "edit-sub&id=1" . So the IDs there seem correct.

I create a new follow up message for my campaign and add %subscribe% and <a href="%unsubscribe%">Unsub here</a> as a test.
Both generate the same link with "e=-1" (I can already see this in my mail account).

Typing "e=1" manually in the adress bar gives me the same results. "Great news... cant find mail...."

#5 msworld 12-07-2019 15:37:20

Of course the link doesn`t work. It`s invalid, please see my previous email.

For the HTML email, also use just:


No 'a' tags. The system doesn`t tell you to use 'a' tags. See if that works.

#6 Woozle 12-07-2019 16:17:34

I used %unsubscribe% (had a typo in my last post) and tried that again just now. It doenst work.

Just deleted the message and tried again and found the problem:

When I set up a follow up message, (%unsubscribe% only!) the link will always display as the not working link: /responder//unsub.php?e=-1
When I TESTSEND the SAME MESSAGE without any change, the link in the Mail will be correct.

I just tested it several times with more or less text. Testmails work, follow up doesnt.

Btw, the 'a' tags aren't the problem. <a href="%unsubscribe">My own text</a> works with the test Mail function, but not with the follow up feature.

#7 msworld 13-07-2019 05:46:49

Ok, let me check again. I set up two follow up messages before and the links were correct.

I`ll let you know when I`ve had another look. smile

#8 msworld 13-07-2019 07:17:19

I can`t replicate it at all. sad

I`ve sent a lot of follow up messages and they all have the correct link.

Could I ask you to send me a dump of your database? You can use the backup option in the responder admin area. Please send it to me at:

If you prefer, please change any sensitive data (eg: emails) before sending the backup file.

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