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#1 koda 04-04-2019 21:26:53

After a fresh install, I'm not getting email notifications from visitor responses, strangely, when I create a ticket and assign it to a visitor, they get the email, or when I add a visitor, they get the welcome email, but anything a visitor initiates fails to send email notifications

I have tried native PHP mail and SMTP, and the results are the same for both, I do not get notified if a visitor sends a ticket, or replies to an existing ticket

Any help or direction is much appreciated

#2 msworld 05-04-2019 06:58:38

It`s never easy identifying mail issues. I assume you enabled the mail debugger in the mail settings and referred to the debug log in the 'logs' folder? Does that reveal any clues? And I assume the messages aren`t simply going to the spam folder?

#3 koda 05-04-2019 10:56:29

Correct, mail debugger is enabled, and yes, I have thoroughly checked the debug log for clues, and no, nothing is going to spam

That said, I have further narrowed down the exact condition that prevents mail from being sent... if a staff member creates a ticket for a visitor and assigns that ticket to himself, he will never receive replies made by the visitor account of that ticket (even know the visitor account receives email notifications)

With this information, are you able to provide a temporary fix until you're ready to release the next version?


Doesn't matter if the staff member assigns the ticket to a staff member during ticket creation, or after the fact, tickets created by staff members for visitor accounts never receive email notifications when a visitor interacts with the ticket

Last edited by koda (05-04-2019 11:03:24)

#4 msworld 05-04-2019 23:52:00

Thanks Koda. Yes, there definitely is an issue. I think it relates to support staff who are admins. If a support member isn`t an admin the emails are received. At least they are during my tests. I`ll have a fix for you shortly. smile

#5 koda 06-04-2019 00:11:57

Many thanks, patiently waiting smile

#6 msworld 06-04-2019 08:49:49

Thanks Koda. OK, so redownload:

And replace the following:

Hopefully that should fix the issue. Let me know. smile

#7 koda 06-04-2019 14:54:35

That did the trick, thanks so much!

#8 msworld 06-04-2019 15:05:56

Excellent, thanks for letting me know. smile

#9 koda 13-04-2019 21:19:21

Hello again...

Sorry to report, the fix is intermittent, I got the first couple of replies, then nothing, then one, then it completely stopped

In the meantime, the visitor account gets email notifications whenever I update a ticket, as an administrator

Anything I can do to help troubleshoot this?

#10 msworld 16-04-2019 09:15:35

Hi Koda,

It doesn`t make sense for it to work, then gradually stop. All the operations remain the same.

Anything I can do to help troubleshoot this?

There is only the debug log in the system, plus of course the server mail logs.

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