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#1 l3iohazard 01-02-2019 14:01:11

I'm trying to find out if it possible to allow visitors to use the same email. The reason behind this is because some of the users at my office do not have an email address. Their manager is the one to receive all important information for them. Basically is there an "easy" way to way to make it where one email can be used for multiple people? PS Yes I know the absolute easiest solution would be to just create email accounts for them, however my boss would prefer the ticket information go to the managers etc.

#2 msworld 02-02-2019 06:16:43

Not really, unless you give all visitors the same login details. They would see all the tickets from everyone else though.

#3 l3iohazard 04-02-2019 21:45:05

So there's no way to change it to where duplicate emails can be used? Or is it just that a lot would have to be rewritten for that to happen?

#4 msworld 07-02-2019 09:04:19

You can certainly remove the duplicate checks, but I`m not sure how it would affect the system with all emails being the same.

#5 l3iohazard 07-02-2019 13:39:24

Are the duplicate checks just on the database side, or in the php? I thought the same thing to, I'll run it in a test environment before changing the production.

#6 msworld 09-02-2019 05:55:11

Look in the 'control/system/_ajax.php' file. For the account creation, it`s line 73:

if (mswSQL_rows('portal WHERE LOWER(`email`) = \'' . mswSQL(strtolower($_POST['email'])) . '\'') > 0) {

So, adjust the statement to not include the check.

#7 l3iohazard 13-02-2019 20:27:59

Okay thanks, as a side note it doesn't affect the rest of the programs functions as far as how I am using the email system. Also I have to say very nice and well thought out system you've created.

Last edited by l3iohazard (13-02-2019 20:32:22)

#8 msworld 17-02-2019 16:00:32

Thank you very much. Glad the email change works. Good to know in case anyone else wants something similar.

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