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#1 Klauwaart 30-01-2019 02:44:37

id there any possibility of changing the logo as in the attached picture or is that Disqus doing this?

If it can be changed, how is it to be done, please?
Thank you.

#2 msworld 02-02-2019 06:12:22

Nohing to do with Disqus, it`s the default social open graph images, you just need to update them.

They are located in your 'images' folder. smile

#3 Klauwaart 02-02-2019 13:12:07

Thanks, David.
Do you mean /admin/templates/images/?
And also, do you mean update all those images?
I can't seem to find one that even remotely look s like the one i posted in the screenshot.
A bit confusing. sad

Last edited by Klauwaart (02-02-2019 13:12:32)

#4 Klauwaart 02-02-2019 14:16:48

Don't worry.
I found them.
Thanks again.

#5 msworld 03-02-2019 09:55:00

You are welcome. smile

#6 Klauwaart 03-02-2019 16:25:00

Hi again,
I have replaced the existing logos, and they updated for a while.
But now I see that for one blog the original Maian logo has come back and for the other one the first new logo I uploaded.
However, my CPanel has saved a copy of the old logos named old.****.png, could removing these help?


Last edited by Klauwaart (03-02-2019 16:32:18)

#7 msworld 07-02-2019 09:05:28

The original logo coming back is nothing to do with Maian Weblog. Did you delete something? Not sure really.

#8 Klauwaart 07-02-2019 10:12:36

No, I have not removed anything.
All the originals are still there as

#9 msworld 09-02-2019 05:58:05

They can`t just come back, so either they were uploaded there or the server did something strange.

#10 Klauwaart 09-02-2019 15:01:59

I just thought of something. :bulb:

Could it have something to do with the fact I share on Facebook through Disqus?
If that is the reason, how do I either solve that, or bypass Disqus to do the FB share through the weblog?


#11 Klauwaart 11-02-2019 14:20:43

It is getting stranger by the minute.
I wrote and published an article, and, like I always do, added a Tweet via Maian weblog, and what did I see?
There were 2 tweets, one with my twittercard underneath, and one with the alternate title underneath with the twitterlogo next to it as I had made it and uploaded to the "images" folder.
The second tweet used the "Alternative URL" which you have to set in MAIAN weblog.
One strange thing, when I clicked on the tweet with the correct logo, before going to the blog page, Disqus popped up very briefly, but I don't tweet through Disqus, but through Maian Weblog.

Where Facebook is concerned, it still shows the old "MY JOUNAL MAIAN" logo.

Weird, isn't it?

#12 msworld 17-02-2019 15:59:18

I don`t know what Disqus does with regards to social sites as I don`t use it myself. So, not sure what`s going on. lol.

#13 Klauwaart 17-02-2019 16:04:15

LOL even more here.
Now all of a sudden they have magically appeared, and giving (even Twitter, which is supposed to go through your script) the Disqus short URL.

Anyway, it works now, so I'll leave well alone.
(You haven't got a thumping heart smiley, have you)? big_smile

#14 msworld 17-02-2019 16:06:42

hehe, these things are just meant to drive us nuts. smile

#15 Klauwaart 17-02-2019 16:08:19

You're telling me? tongue

#16 msworld 17-02-2019 16:09:26


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