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#1 mguarino 06-12-2018 16:17:20

I've entered the recommended email settings when configuring the Mail settings of the carts contact form.
When I test the settings in the admin console, I receive an email saying: This is a test email from your Maian Cart setup. Looks like your email is working just fine.

But when I try to send a message via the contact form, the email doesn't get received. I've checked the spam folder and it not there either.

Any suggestion?

Also can I send to multiple email recipients form the form?


#2 msworld 08-12-2018 10:02:47

You can specify additional email addresses in the 'Additional Email Addresses option in the settings.

System > General Settings > Settings Menu > Email Options

For the contact form, it`s probably due to a restriction on your mail server requiring the 'from' headers to have an email with a domain that is on the server. I do need to update this actually, but for now, open the 'control/defined.php' file and enter information for the following:

define('MAIL_FROM_NAME_HEADER', '');

Set the 'MAIL_FROM_EMAIL_HEADER' value as the same value as you have for your 'From Email' value in your mail settings.

Should work ok then hopefully.

#3 mguarino 10-12-2018 19:24:37

Thank you for the reply - but it's still not working.

What's even weirder,(using the default settings, and not editing the mail_header info)  is that when I test the settings in the admin console, I receive an email confirmation email saying " Looks like your email is working just fine."

The form also works (sends email) when I submit the form from the Product Enquiry form but Not the Contact Form ?

Last edited by mguarino (10-12-2018 19:39:53)

#4 msworld 11-12-2018 15:03:36

Try redownloading Maian Cart...

..and replacing the following file:

See if that fixes the problem.

#5 mguarino 11-12-2018 16:00:24

Thank you.
I downloaded and replaced: control/system/home.php   but the form is still not sending from the contact page.

( Error messages says: System Error: an error has occurred, please try again )

But oddly the form still works (sends email) when the form is submitted from the Product Inquiry ?

#6 msworld 11-12-2018 16:13:05

Ah, sorry, I see. You mean it doesn`t work at all. Ok, let me check.

#7 msworld 11-12-2018 16:16:16

Ok, I`ve tried it on my test setups, works fine on all of them. So, really no idea why you would get that error. sad

#8 mguarino 11-12-2018 16:22:50

Are the contact form and the product inquiry form the same?
Why it Works(send) when submitted from product inquiry and Not (error) from the contact page form is baffling.

I appreciate you looking into this. Thank you.

#9 msworld 12-12-2018 07:12:33

Did you make any changes to the templates?

If you want to email me your setup/ftp details I can take a look:

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