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#1 TipTop 17-10-2018 23:30:27

I Changed the Color of the Current Month Date BGs, but I'm Not Sure Where to Change the Hover BG Colors for the Day & the Date.

Also, I'm Not Sure Why Some Days Have a Different BG Color by Default.  smile

And Where do I Go to Change the Font Awesome Color?  cool

Last edited by TipTop (18-10-2018 03:10:05)

#2 msworld 18-10-2018 08:41:40

All colours are in the stylesheets as per the docs. smile

There are some colour changes for dates. Current day, weekend etc. All can be changed in the stylesheets if they are set.

#3 TipTop 18-10-2018 14:45:52

I already spend a Lot of Time going through the CSS Files.  Some of the Color Changes appear to be Hard to Find.  I Even Print Screen so I Can Find Exact Color Codes that I Want to Change in a Image Editor.  smile

#4 msworld 18-10-2018 15:38:16

Some of the default colours will be in the bootstrap.css files.

You can always look at the source code of the area you want to change and add a class reference in the 'msw.css/msw-base.css' files.

#5 TipTop 18-10-2018 15:43:49

Otay, I'll Figure It Out.  smile

Last edited by TipTop (20-01-2019 18:00:17)

#6 msworld 18-10-2018 16:43:48

Good, good. smile

#7 TipTop 19-10-2018 05:35:46

It Took Hours, but I Have Most of the Colors that I Want Changed.  smile

#8 msworld 19-10-2018 07:38:54

Ok, great. smile

#9 TipTop 19-10-2018 14:25:56


#10 TipTop 19-10-2018 15:39:48

On my Phone, a Border Color for Monthly Day of the Week Hovering is (#e39703 Vivid Orange).  That One I Know for Sure Isn't In Any of the CSS Files.  That Color is a Mis Match with My Other Colors!  LOL  smile

#11 msworld 19-10-2018 17:27:38

Is that a mobile browser default?

#12 TipTop 19-10-2018 19:48:02

I See (#e39703 Vivid Orange) on my Phone, but Not on my Computer.  It appears to be Mobile Only, but I Didn't See that Color Code in mobile.css.  smile

#13 msworld 20-10-2018 04:20:34

Could just be related to the actual browser.

#14 TipTop 20-10-2018 05:32:59

Multiple Phone Browsers.  cool

#15 Lasse 20-01-2019 11:17:22

I´m pulling my hair over trying to find where the background code for the day buttons in the list version of the calendrar first page is.
The one that is green. (color behind Monday, Tuseday etc.)
Looked everywhere but simpley can´t find it. Any hints, someone?

#16 Lasse 21-01-2019 18:31:05

Ok, I found it! I will share the info here.
The button design, in list mode, is set in: events/content/theme_default/html/event-calendar/buttons-day.html 
The buttons will change color if you change the styling code for them. I changed mine from "success" to "default" wich I think looks better on a mobile.
Here are a link to the different buttons style codes.


#17 msworld 22-01-2019 07:07:50

Yes, the default colours are controlled via the bootstrap css file. They can be easily overwritten by putting your own directives in the 'msw.css' file as that gets called after the bootstrap file.

Also, finding colours isn`t so difficult if you have a good search tool. smile

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