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#1 TipTop 17-10-2018 16:42:46

I have a No End Date Event, but the Longest that it Can Post is End 01-18-2018.  How Can I make it Have a No End Date?  smile

Also, that Event Isn't showing up when Searching 2018 & 2019 Months.  cool

Last edited by TipTop (18-10-2018 03:05:07)

#2 msworld 18-10-2018 08:26:31

As it says in the docs

"Enter event end date. Optional.".

Not sure about the search.

#3 TipTop 18-10-2018 15:21:16

If I Don't Enter an End Date, Whatever Event Doesn't Show Anywhere.  I Currently Have it from 01-01-2018 to 01-01-2038  It Shows on the Month View Page, But when Going to Menu > Events in 2018 > Any Month, It Doesn't Show the Ongoing Event.  It looks like you Need to Tweak the Software a bit for that.  smile

Also, one of my Events is Weekly Likely for a Long Time.  Having to Re Add that Event 52 Times a Year Could be Resolved by Having a (Reoccurring / Repeat) Option like we have on Our Phone Calendars, and like I've I've Seen In Various Other Calendar Software!  cool

Last edited by TipTop (18-10-2018 20:43:06)

#4 msworld 18-10-2018 15:30:28

You are right. smile Thanks for letting me know. Let me check what is going wrong.

#5 TipTop 18-10-2018 15:37:49


#6 msworld 18-10-2018 16:44:47

Can you download and replace:

See if that has fixed the display problem.

#7 TipTop 18-10-2018 20:05:18

Otay, I DownLoaded the Whole Script  Zip, and I Overwrote control/classes/  That Fixed Menu > Events in 2018 - Month!  Now That Shows Daily Events Every Day!  But when I Tested No End Date, It Didn't Even Show Up On 01-01-18, the Posted Start Date.  So I Currently Have it 01-01-18 Through 01-01-38.  Apparently Online Calendars On Go About 20 Years Past the Current Year.    smile

Last edited by TipTop (18-10-2018 20:41:00)

#8 msworld 19-10-2018 07:48:11

Ok, let me take a look.

#9 msworld 19-10-2018 08:48:25

Ok, think I`ve figured it out. smile

Backup your database before applying the changes. Redownload Maian Events and replace:


Let me know if it fixes the event issue if only a start date is set.

#10 TipTop 19-10-2018 14:27:23

?month=01-2018 to ?month=10-2020 Shows my No End Date Event, but ?month=11-2020 and After Don't Show it.  Progress Is Being Made!  smile

Last edited by TipTop (19-10-2018 15:53:08)

#11 msworld 19-10-2018 17:25:55

2020 probably shouldn`t show it, that depends on the length set in your settings. Did you change it?

"How Many Years to Display for Navigation" in your event settings. Default is 2 years, so Nov 2020 is out of the scope and therefore shouldn`t display. Unless you already changed the 2, in which case there might still be a problem. Try changing it to a 3, see what happens.

#12 TipTop 19-10-2018 19:45:15

It Doesn't Show in the Menu.  I Simply Change ?month=01-2018 in the URL to Whatever Year.  smile

#13 msworld 20-10-2018 04:21:22

See previous message. It doesn`t matter what you change the date to manually. smile

#14 TipTop 20-10-2018 05:31:22

Yes, but if the Event Has No End Date, it Should Show Up Past 10-31-2020.  smile

#15 msworld 20-10-2018 08:22:49

In theory yes, but I built this option in to prevent the system doing database lookups over a certain time.  So, the default is 2 years. If you want it to search for longer, just increase the default. I may change it in the future.

#16 TipTop 20-10-2018 13:09:33

If It's Safer for 2 Years Max, I'll Keep That Option.  About How Long Until the Weekly Events and Monthly Events Repeat Option is Available?  smile

Last edited by TipTop (20-10-2018 13:16:27)

#17 msworld 22-10-2018 02:32:59

No idea on the next update. It`s not a priority at the moment.

#18 TipTop 22-10-2018 03:00:50

Reoccurring / Repeat Events Is a Huge Plus to Have!!!  But for Now, Looks Like I'll Need to Post the Same Event Every Week for a Year or So.  Feels Like about 1992!  LOL  cool

#19 msworld 22-10-2018 03:33:28

lol. You are right, it is something I probably should add. Although, it`s funny, Maian Events has been around  15 years and you are the first person to mention the repeat option. Anyway, expect it in the next update. Will probably be next year.

#20 TipTop 22-10-2018 03:57:31

Otay  smile

#21 TESTER 25-10-2018 03:09:05

The repeat / reoccurring events suggestion is a great idea!  smile

#22 msworld 25-10-2018 07:00:34

Ok, thank you. smile

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