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#1 scottw 20-07-2018 20:35:30


Great product.  Thank you for all the time and effort that went into this.

I was wondering if someone can help me with limiting the event calendar on the main page to only show the events for the current week instead of the entire month.  It would be great for me because on some months we may only have two events posted so there is a white space between events.

Thank you in advance for your help and I will soon be puchasing a license to support your ongoing work.

Wishing you well,

#2 msworld 23-07-2018 03:28:27

Thanks Scott, appreciate your kind words. smile

You can try the following. Open the 'control/classes/class.calendar.php' file. Find line 84:

for ($i=1; $i<($dim + 1); $i++) {

Change to:

$day = date('w');
    $week_start = date('j', strtotime('-'.$day.' days'));
    $week_end = date('j', strtotime('+'.(6-$day).' days'));
    for ($i=$week_start; $i<($week_end + 1); $i++) {

Think that should work. You may need to edit the templates to remove the month / year drop downs etc.

#3 scottw 23-07-2018 20:19:45

Hi David,

Thank you very much.  That code change did what I couldn't figure out how to do!  It appears that I will need to also disable the month / year drop downs on the main page like you mentioned.  Can you please help me understand how to do that?  Clearly a PHP programmer I am not!  smile  Last question, I promise.

Thank you for your help and patience.


#4 msworld 24-07-2018 13:05:30

Awesome, glad that worked. I`ll make it optional in the next version, might be useful for others. smile

It appears that I will need to also disable the month / year drop downs on the main page like you mentioned.  Can you please help me understand how to do that?

Certainly. Open the 'content/_theme_default/event-calendar.tpl.php' file. You need to remove the following div and it`s contents starting line 11:

<div class="row monthyearbar">...</div>

Closing div is BEFORE:

<div class="event_calendar">

You can also do it the lazy way...


<div class="row monthyearbar">


<div class="row monthyearbar" style="display:none">


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