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#1 jbirdie 03-04-2018 15:03:32

I am currently plagued by this bug:

Does anyone know if this IFD offset bug affects this helpdesk?

Summary of the bug is that something funky happens with geotagging off Nikon cameras or Lightroom and then spiceworks freaks out and does not create a ticket. It has caused us heart ache and I cannot find a solution.

Does Maian suffer from the same? I know I asked a couple other helpdesks who have told me that they do because the underlying image processor does.

#2 msworld 04-04-2018 05:44:48

It`s possible it will be an issue if it`s a PHP issue to begin with. I have tried emailing messages with foreign characters in attachment names. The attachment wasn`t saved, but the message got through ok.

Is it possible for you to send me an email that doesn`t work? I can run it through my test accounts to confirm what happens when it`s read in by the system. If you can, contact me @

Don`t send any test emails to that account, I`ll give you the test accounts when you contact me.

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