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#1 Gillus 20-03-2018 09:57:45

After a clean install i go to the maian/admin page.
there you get the loginscreen:

after clicking it comes back with this same screen.
tried it in:
all of the above also in private

ps. user interface is working.

any suggestion?

Last edited by Gillus (20-03-2018 09:58:32)

#2 msworld 21-03-2018 03:10:52

Are there any errors in the "logs" folder?

It could be an issue with sessions on your server. You can open the 'admin/index.php' file in a text editor and remove the '@' symbol from:


This might flag up something. Or check your server error log.

#3 Gillus 21-03-2018 07:49:14

Goodmorning and thanks for your reply,

there arent any logfiles in the logdirectory, but if i remove the @ sign i can login without authentication.
no errors in the server log.

But, i cant change any setting, like:
- Add staff
- Add new department
- any setting change goes back to the first page.

Last edited by Gillus (21-03-2018 08:00:34)

#4 msworld 22-03-2018 16:36:09

If you can log in without authentication, something is wrong on your server with regards to sessions. I`m surprised there are no errors in your server error log.

I can`t think what else it might be.

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