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#1 keeper 19-12-2017 12:36:52

I don't have either -  an Iphone or an Ipad  ( I'm so deprived, but I don't want either ) - I am only going  by what I have been told.
"The message says " they need Flash - they downloaded Flash and still nothing.

I thought maybe the card senders could do a hot link to the music ( so they don't have to copy & paste )  with the message, but HTML is not turned on.
Is there somewhere where I can turn on HTML on the message box?
I converted all of the audio to .MP3.
Does anyone have a workaround for this?
I am using a Laptop and PC and the music works.

Thank you!

Last edited by keeper (19-12-2017 13:30:18)

#2 msworld 20-12-2017 02:58:33

Don`t worry, I don`t have an ipad either. My girlfriend has an iphone, so I can test ok with that. I have a friend with an ipad who tests occasionally. I don`t list any apple devices in the test environment in the documentation.

What do you mean about an HTML message box? And copy and paste what? Not following. HTML is not allowed for visitors for security.

Maian Greetings uses the jPlayer plugin which supposedly supports ipads and iphones.

#3 keeper 20-12-2017 13:25:13

Hi David;
Someone sent me a screencapture.
Other people say " they can see the  greeting card picture, but no sound ".
Another person tried with a Samsung phone - clicked on the link on the email -  opened up on Samsung  default browser -  "cup and paste" the URL on the Chrome browser and it worked.
Most people are too lazy to do that.


Thanks David for  the help.

Last edited by keeper (20-12-2017 13:36:31)

#4 msworld 21-12-2017 17:09:27

I can`t debug it on Apple devices, that is the problem. So, nothing I can do at the moment.

I might have to use an online service that simulates all devices. I can look into those at some point.

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