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#1 robertk 19-11-2017 12:50:23


I host through Godaddy and they are a nightmare for sending mail via smtp. How do I disable smtp and is there a way for the system to send mail via native php?


#2 msworld 20-11-2017 06:31:20

In the current version only smtp is supported. v3.7 is coming soon which has support for the php mail function. smile

Beta should be available this week. Generally smtp is more reliable.

#3 robertk 20-11-2017 07:29:00

Great thanks for the update. I really like it so far and it's easy to configure and use. Will definitely make a purchase once I can send emails hopefully later this week. Please remember to update me when beta it's ready.


#4 msworld 20-11-2017 08:59:04

Thanks Robert.

If you want to receive notification, you`ll need to sign up for the Maian Support newsletter. I don`t post on forums or contact people personally about beta releases.

#5 robertk 26-11-2017 15:27:39

For anyone facing similar issues, I got this to work by setting
SMTPAutoTLS = false
in class.phpmailer.php

This should be a temp solution so make sure you get advise from your hosting provider.

#6 chubby 11-12-2017 12:36:12

Just for the info, in the latest (beta) version php server emailer (avoided smtp) works like charm for me, I am going to use that even thought I managed smtp to work as it looks that phpmail is fairly faster

#7 msworld 12-12-2017 15:28:50

Great, thanks chubby. smile

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