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#1 tiggerific 20-06-2017 00:14:04

Hi there,

I have just done an upgrade which completed successfully and everything appears to be functioning correctly, except for when going into settings and saving any changes, it never saves (just keeps spinning).

The error log shows the following:

[Error Code: 8] Undefined property: stdClass::$apiHandlers
[Date/Time: 20 June 2017 @ 10:10AM]
[Error on line 4 in file /home/monit/public_html/support/itadmin/templates/system/settings/settings.php]

Can you please advise what the problem is here and how to resolve it.

Thanks in advance.

#2 tiggerific 20-06-2017 00:19:35

I found the problem...
The mysql_err_log.log file also had errors, which was this:

MySQL Error on 20 June 2017 @ 10:14AM
Code: 1054
Error: Unknown column 'apiHandlers' in 'field list'
File: /home/monit/public_html/support/itadmin/control/classes/class.settings.php
Line: 432
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I added the apiHandlers column into the settings table and everything worked ok. Appears this might be missing from the upgrade script.


#3 msworld 20-06-2017 02:02:41

Glad you got it sorted and thanks for reporting the problem.

It is in the upgrade routine, but I think it`s how the system is checking for an object. Possibly an issue with later versions of PHP. I`ll update the upgrade routine. smile

#4 msworld 20-06-2017 02:57:59

Ok, found the problem. It related to the use of COLLATE for the table update.

Thanks again. smile

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