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#1 kozmikyak 13-05-2017 06:58:21

I've been searching for a self-hosted music sales system like this, and it seems mostly to solve my pain points.

However, I'm wondering whether there's a relatively easy way to handle this money/music flow:

* Customer purchases a CD at a show, and gets a download/purchase code on a card or printed directly on the CD (I have form-field-merge for CD labels in my duplicator software)
* Customer goes to Maian Music self-hosted website, and redeems the download/purchase code _for that album only_
* Customer then has the right to download the tracks that were on the CD purchased at the live show


* Customer can also purchase CDs (physical) or MP3 files directly from the Maian Music self-hosted website

though that last one doesn't seem difficult to do, that's what it's designed to do.

If there's software out there that does this, or if someone more familiar with Maian Music knows how to make it do this, please let me know.

I do have intermediate level PHP skills, but reverse engineering an entire project to do this probably isn't time effective for me.  Then again, neither is reinventing the wheel and rolling my own.

Reason for this particular "flow" is that my band plays a lot of festivals, and handing out physical CDs always gets more people listening than just handing out download cards.  People can't be bothered to download music that they just get on a card, and people end up playing the CDs right in the campsites at the festivals, which means instant promotion of our performances.

#2 kozmikyak 13-05-2017 07:05:59

A quick note:  This would seem to be what CubeCart calls a "voucher".  I'd need to generate vouchers to either print on cards, or print codes directly on CDs.

#3 msworld 15-05-2017 02:42:30

Shouldn`t be too difficult, but obviously the codes would need importing into the music system to generate the coupon codes.

Are the codes generated on the fly? If so, the technology you use to create the codes would need to send those codes to the website to mirror the codes in the music database.

I have form-field-merge for CD labels in my duplicator software

How does that work? Maybe you can just have an import option to upload the codes to the website?

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