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#1 gwp 16-01-2017 18:27:31

HI David
Nice new cart, very nice smile

I seem to be having a problem, if i go here:
and click on the image of tassimo to see full view, it does show it to me, but i cant see how to exit the view, save hit the browser back button.
doing that takes me back to the root of the demo, ie:
right past the sub category.

tried it in FF 5.1.0 / IE11.0.96 / Chrome 55.0 and Opera 42.0.



#2 msworld 17-01-2017 02:55:37

Hi George,

You click the cross top right. smile

#3 gwp 17-01-2017 10:48:55

HI David
I dont see one ?
screenshot from FF below

#4 msworld 18-01-2017 01:41:08

It`s in your screenshot George, top right of browser screen.

#5 magiccardpops 18-01-2017 16:15:54

gwp -

I think Bootstrap uses an opacity setting in their CSS for modal windows.
Like .close { opacity: .2; }  This makes the "X" appear as a very light gray if the color is set to black (#000).

- magiccardpops

#6 msworld 20-01-2017 10:54:22

The swipebox plugin isn`t bootstrap. It uses a svg image to render the images.

You can use a darker bg colour if you want to, to make it clearer. Maybe I should change the cross to a darker png?

#7 gwp 20-01-2017 13:53:57

aww, i see it now, did have to really look hard if Im honest.
Perhaps a darker colour would be better, for us oldies smile

#8 msworld 23-01-2017 06:36:01

I`ll see about updating it, thanks G. smile

#9 Lasse 29-01-2017 11:19:19

I changed it to a more red tone by going to:  content / theme_default / images / swipe and opened the file:  icons.svg with wordpad. Then find the text:      fill="#ffffff"
I changed it to:  fill="#e9595c"  It will change both the arrows and cross.  I hope it´s ok to mess around a bit with the code? smile

#10 msworld 29-01-2017 14:06:35

Hi Lasse,

Yes, that`s perfectly fine. smile

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