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#1 tandarts 21-10-2016 17:53:00


I have a new member. She paid and after payment she tried to login which failed.
I removed all her information and added her manually but still she can not login.
Membership is active, password is casesentive and correct but still entrance is not possible.

What goes wrong here ?

#2 msworld 22-10-2016 03:42:08

I assume you tested the system before you went live?

Are you sure your lockbox is set up correctly?

#3 tandarts 26-10-2016 15:39:58

Thank you for the quick reply.

My lockbox has been online for about 2 years now (I just installed it right after the script was published) and never had any problems.
I already rebuild the membersarea in the scripts admin tool. Problems were not solved.

Members can not change their passwords (excisting members can not do it either). New members are not able to login after succesfull payment. Tested it myself.

Any ideas how to solve this problem ?

#4 msworld 30-10-2016 08:45:37

I assume something must have changed on the server?

If you want to send me your ftp/install details via email and I can take a look for you.

#5 tandarts 29-01-2017 21:46:11

Hi david.

I have sent you an email.
Thanks for the reply.

#6 tandarts 09-02-2017 23:08:06

HI David.

I still have the same problems.
New members are not able to login.
when I manually add a new member it appears as an active membership (since I only offer one lifetime option that is as it should be).
When the member tries to sign-in their password/username does not work. (not when they paid and signed in neither when I manully add them to the lockbox)

I manually added a username and password and tried it myself in Chrome/IE and Firefox. I dot not get inside the membersarea.

What do you recommend? Should I do a fresh install (and loose all purchase data) or do you have an other solution.
I;m almost starting to pull my hair out.

Ps.. I did not change anything to the server !

#7 msworld 13-02-2017 04:30:16

A clean install won`t fix the problem I don`t think because the error appeared to be DNS related. The user not being able to reach the target website. This won`t be related to Maian Lockbox.

I`m not sure what else to advise. sad

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