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#1 giobeats 15-10-2016 14:43:13

Idk why but the admin login wont allow me to login. My username and password is correct. The loading symbol shows up on the Username section but nothing changes after that.

Last edited by giobeats (18-10-2016 02:52:19)

#2 msworld 18-10-2016 04:15:35

The spinner not closing usually means the ajax response isn`t completing, so you have probably edited a file incorrectly.

Is there anything in the logs folder? An errors?

#3 giobeats 19-10-2016 18:19:51

Yes here is the error.

Error Code: 4] syntax error, unexpected '''' (T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING)
[Date/Time: 19 October 2016 @ 19:02PM]
[Fatal error on line 15 in file /homepages/6/d648761451/htdocs/Socialtizemg/lockbox/admin/control/access.php]

Hey Never Mind I fixed that issues. Now it says my IP is not allowed. I uploaded the script to my Hosting(paid) server. would I need to put the hosting server IP as well.

Last edited by giobeats (19-10-2016 18:27:21)

#4 msworld 21-10-2016 04:06:14

It`s not the host server IP, there wouldn`t be much point checking that. lol. It`s your ISP IP.

Glad you got the error sorted. I assume you edited the access file incorrectly?

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