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#1 kesoh 08-06-2016 07:02:33

when I inter the code on my website I do not get the signup forum its blank. how can I fix this? I am placing the code in the right places...

BEFORE your closing </head> tag

<script src="http:/"></script>
<script src="" charset="utf-8"></script>

BEFORE your closing </body> tag

<div id="mrAutoRespDiv"></div>
<script charset="utf-8">
jQuery(document).ready(function() {
   'base'         : '',
   'campaign'     : 1,
   'tmp'          : 'templates/signup-form.html',
   'remote'       : 'no',
   'style'        : 'templates/css/signup.css',
   'processor'    : 'signup.php',
   'text'         : 'Join My Newsletter',
   'place_text1'  : 'Enter name..',
   'place_text2'  : 'Enter email address..',
   'bt_text'      : 'SignUp',
   'bt_text_wait' : 'Please wait..'

#2 msworld 08-06-2016 07:43:38

Are you adding the form on a different website to where the auto responder system is installed?

#3 kesoh 08-06-2016 08:00:56

the autoresponder is in a sub-domain and the site is also in a different sub-domain, but they are all in the same root just different folders ....

#4 msworld 08-06-2016 08:05:30

What`s the url to your form so I can take a look?

#5 kesoh 08-06-2016 08:40:57

the forum should be under the video

#6 msworld 08-06-2016 09:17:44

I don`t see any auto responder form on that page.

#7 kesoh 08-06-2016 09:27:11

yes thats the point it dont show up. when you ask me for the link I thought you where going to view page source and look at code. but here is the forum box page and here is this one it gives this message (["fail","An error occurred, please try again later."])

#8 msworld 08-06-2016 09:48:04

As per the setup instructions and also the docs:

"Important: DO NOT load the jQuery library if your website is already using it as this may cause conflicts!"

So, maybe that is the problem?

#9 kesoh 08-06-2016 09:56:43

would that be in the templates folder? let me know which folder to go too..  thank you for your help and time

#10 msworld 08-06-2016 10:08:59

Your website is already using jquery, so you won`t need this:

<script src="http:/"></script>

So, remove that and see what happens.

#11 kesoh 08-06-2016 10:18:51

do I need to cut this out? <script src="http:/"></script>  do I need to delete the jquery.js ? I cut the code out and it still shows up blank. I also delete the jquery.js and still blank... what am I missing?

#12 msworld 09-06-2016 07:28:14

Your auto responder div doesn`t exist, so you need to add the following where you want the form to appear:

<div id="mrAutoRespDiv"></div>

#13 kesoh 09-06-2016 08:04:58

Thank you it works now, thank you again for your help and time............

#14 msworld 09-06-2016 08:39:31

Excellent, glad it works. smile

#15 caydneobrt 05-04-2017 05:20:05

Helpful thread smile

#16 msworld 05-04-2017 05:28:40

The new version supports simpler GET and POST forms. smile

#17 vmp507 26-01-2018 18:30:34

Hello.  I am new to this system, and it is very, very nice.  I cannot find however, how to redirect a new signup to a custom page.  it takes me to a built-in thank you page (sign-up.php).  Is there a link to the area in documentation where it says how i can tell a form to redirect a sign up to a custom page?

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