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#1 Ged 16-03-2016 05:52:31

I have xampp installed on my laptop and would like to try out the free version of Lockbox on my own machine before buying the licence or uploading any of the web content I am planning to use to a remote host.
I followed the instructions and got as far as the admin CP. In order to complete the setup I need to specify certain folders. At the moment all the content of my website is located in this folder:
When I access it with a browser the URL in the address bar appears thus:
My questions are:
(a) where should I place the members folder that the instructions asked me to create? Following the advice to not place it within the website root I did not place it in the Website folder, but instead one level lower down, in
Likewise, following instructions I created another folder inside, called lockbox1, with read and write access.
However, I am having difficulty getting the admin CP to accept this location (see below)
(b) I assume that the entire lockbox folder with all its subfolders should go inside my Website folder, so that's where I placed them. This folder already contains another subfolder, intended to contain all my protected stuff, which currently has the name members (though I could easily change it to something else to avoid confusion with the members folder one level down)
My problem is how to specify these addresses in the Admin CP. Currently in the General tab I have:
HTTP Path:    http://localhost/Website/
and in the Members tab where it says "server path to members folder" I have

But when I have confirmed these and then go to Add New Lockbox, in the first dropdown list (Public Secure Folder) I only get, for some reason, the options of "secure-folder" and "XInstall" (this being the renamed name of the original Install folder), where I would like to have a reference to http://localhost/Website/members/ (or whatever I decide to rename it to), likewise, in the Lockbox (.htpassword) dropdown all I get is the message

"http://localhost/members/" folder is invalid.

So I can't create a new lockbox until I've sorted out these addresses. Any suggestions?

Last edited by Ged (16-03-2016 05:59:12)

#2 msworld 16-03-2016 07:56:18

Hi Ged,

It should work fine on localhost and to be honest, you can place the members folder anywhere. Being outside the root on localhost won`t make much difference. I have my dev setup on localhost and there are no issues as it`s the same as a live environment.

and in the Members tab where it says "server path to members folder" I have

It`s a good idea to refer to the documentation via the help menu. You`ll see a note about the members path. Hopefully that will help. Basically you have a URL and NOT a server path, hence the problem.

Let me know how things go when you`ve sorted the path.

#3 Ged 16-03-2016 22:31:50

"It`s a good idea to refer to the documentation via the help menu."

Yes, my bad, I didn't notice there was a context sensitive help menu. Once I had opened that, and found that little snippet of php code to run to check address, no problem.

I still have one more question. As originally set up, the public area of my site has a single link, labelled 'members', originally intended to lead to a page where existing members could enter their username and password, while new visitors would have the option to proceed to a payment window if desired. As things now stand, that link points to the members homepage, and since it's protected, a popup window appears asking for authentication. That pop-up offers no option to proceed to payment (although I guess I could redirect to the payment page if user presses Cancel). Is there a standard authentication page in the package that I could use to get the behaviour originally envisaged?


#4 msworld 17-03-2016 22:21:41

Hi Ged,

There is an option to load a separate signup page for the lockbox system. If you look at the docs and click 'Lockbox Signup Page' in the left menu you`ll see how it works.

Obviously you can`t place any signup pages inside the protected folder

#5 Ged 18-03-2016 03:40:15

Thanks very much for all your help. I shall definitely be purchasing a license for this product. It seems to be just what the doctor ordered.

#6 msworld 18-03-2016 07:47:41
Ged wrote::

Thanks very much for all your help. I shall definitely be purchasing a license for this product. It seems to be just what the doctor ordered.

Thank you. Make sure the free version functions how you want first. Any other issues, let me know.

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