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#1 ceeohtwo 07-03-2021 14:45:35

That code actually works. I just needed to clear my cache. I'm looking into running Apache and Nginx on the same server.

Thanks again.

msworld wrote:

No problem, glad you are making progress. I do use Nginx, but not if I need to use rewrite rules. I think there is a way of running Apache and Nginx together?

#2 ceeohtwo 06-03-2021 01:34:57

I'm new around here so apologies for posting in both places and thanks for the .htaccess rewrite code. I was able to convert it to nginx using the following in my configuration file:

location ~ .*\.(ico|gif|jpg|jpeg|png|js|css) {

location / {
  if (!-e $request_filename){
    rewrite ^/([^?]*) /index.php?_msw_=$1;

However, one or two of the resulting search engine friendly urls downloads when you visit them instead of displaying the .php page. It's progress but I need to figure out the logic better.

Thanks again.

#3 ceeohtwo 04-03-2021 18:38:45

Hi there.

I'm setting up the script on my Debian 10 Nginx server and the option for search engin friendly urls in admin cp/options does not work on my NGINX server. Can someone share what code I need to put in my configuration file to correct this problem?

The default setting has urls with strings like which shows an individual cards. However,  when I change to Search Engine Friendly Urls at Admin CP/options/ and change the Search Engine Friendly Urls to yes I get an error 404 at the new URL at


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