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#1 SteffJay 21-12-2018 17:32:17
msworld wrote:

can you give me a screenshot of where it`s displaying wrong?

Here you go:

#2 SteffJay 21-12-2018 09:22:49

Yes, that is correct. However, it displays December 2019, January 2019 February 2019 etc.

#3 SteffJay 20-12-2018 14:53:38
msworld wrote:

Open 'control/classes/'. Change line 237 from:

$fltrByOpts = $this->ssn->filter_by('ORDER BY `' . DB_PREFIX . 'events`.`ts` DESC,`' . DB_PREFIX . 'events`.`id` DESC');


$fltrByOpts = $this->ssn->filter_by('ORDER BY `' . DB_PREFIX . 'events`.`ts`,`' . DB_PREFIX . 'events`.`id`');

Change line 564 from:

ORDER BY `" . DB_PREFIX . "events`.`ts` DESC,`" . DB_PREFIX . "events`.`id` DESC


ORDER BY `" . DB_PREFIX . "events`.`ts`,`" . DB_PREFIX . "events`.`id`


Thank you for the code snippets. It does now show "down" as opposed to "up". One small glitch however, it shows December 2019 then Jan, Feb etc. I have tried deleting December 2019, however it still remains sad

#4 SteffJay 19-12-2018 11:34:12

I have entered dates spanning from 2018 too 2020. However, the "Latest Events" on the Right and underneath displays from 2020 to 2018. Is there a setting that can show the events from 2018 too 2020?

Thanks in advance.

#5 SteffJay 28-11-2018 10:47:05
msworld wrote:

I can confirm this has been added in 3.3. smile

Enable list view or grid view in settings.

Excellent !! Please post link when available.

Thanks in advance.

#6 SteffJay 27-11-2018 11:36:01
msworld wrote:

Hi steffjay,

I`ll see about adding this back as optional in the latest update which I`m working on now.


Brilliant. Thank you wink

#7 SteffJay 16-11-2018 17:39:07

wink Thank you David !!

#8 SteffJay 16-11-2018 14:29:06

As i am not a coder such as yourself David, i find it quite bewildering trying to sort through the documents looking for answers.

#9 SteffJay 16-11-2018 14:21:23

It would be very beneficial if you could make a tut on how to create/amend a custom template.
As i am not a programmer of such, it would also benefit newcomers to the script as well. Just my 1d's worth !!

#10 SteffJay 16-11-2018 14:18:03

Ok, thanks for your support David. Excellent script by the way.

#11 SteffJay 16-11-2018 14:00:21

Thanks for the reply. As i create the event as admin, i do not receive an email reply, hence no code. Please advise.

#12 SteffJay 16-11-2018 10:00:44

What is this and where do i find the code?

#13 SteffJay 16-11-2018 00:24:18

When the Maian Events page opens, the days are listed down the Left hand side. However, i would like a "grid" view if possible. Can you give me the syntax i need to change this and what section please?

#14 SteffJay 16-11-2018 00:19:52

I have a "Calendar" web page and would like to display the calendar inside of the web page. Can you give me some idea how i can achieve this please?

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