Still ACP Login Issues

Hi David,

I am still having HelpDesk ACP login issues as is all staff (this has been going on for months now). Our host and a couple of other IT VPS experts have checked our VPS and there are no issues within there. The only way we are able to login is if we check the box to "Remember Me" - then we can login fine, if we don't click that box it just takes us back to the ACP login page.

So, I really hate to ask this as I know how busy you are. But do you know roughly when 4.4 will be released? We are hoping that might fix this. Otherwise, we might need to look at a complete re-install and setup which will be a major pain as there are things in place we need to keep and it would take some time for us to get our HelpDesk back up if we went down this road. If you can't provide I totally understand. Just trying to sort this issue as it is beginning to cause some staff issues when they forget to log out and other members of their household have been viewing private information.