I am looking for someone who can answer me the following questions. We are looking for a new ticketing system with the following  features:

1. Link Tickets (update 1 ticket and the other linked tickets will automatically send the same update as well to the customers) -
2. Customer Survey - can this be changed to surveys every response?
3. On-Hold State  (stop the clock/timer for a certain ticket if put on On-Hold state) 
4. Reactivation of tickets ( tickets will be active after a certain number of hours) --
5. Automated ticket reassignment
6. Agent Status (break, lunch or available) - If agent is on break/lunch, he will not receive a ticket
7. Multiple TO Addresses
8. Phone Support - Please elaborate how this works in your system (if you can provide demo link specific to this one, it would be great)
9. Customer Profile in the ticket (shows past tickets and  CSAT or a note about the customer) -
10. Automate repetitive tasks (such as escalation)