Unable To Open Ticket as Client

Good Day,

Today I installed Maian Support v4.3. My websites are served with PHP v5.5.

I logged into my Maian Administrator account to confirm the installation and looked around.

Next I logged out as Administrator and I visited the webpage that non-administrators would see when visiting the website. There I registered a test account.

As you see I got confirmation that the first stage of the account registration was successful. However I never received an email in the inbox at the test email address. I looked over your forums and noticed a post about ensuring the mail settings are correct. I changed the mail setting from SMTP to PHP Mail Function and tried this again. I received the confirmation email with a link to visit so as to confirm the registration. Upon visiting the link I got these error messages.


Inside the “logs/errors.log” file there are two [Error Code: 2]’s (each on line 29) followed by one [Error Code: 8] (on line 300).

Inside the “logs/fatal_errors.log” file there is one [Error Code: 1] (on line 190).

I can display the contents of these logs in another post if you need to see them.


After receiving the error messages I checked the email account inbox and I had not received any email acknowledging my test account registration.

Next I tried opening the confirmation link in another browser tab and received this message:

There was still no message in the email account inbox so I selected to resend the confirmation email.

I again checked the email account inbox and the message was now there. I logged in as the test client and changed my password.

I then attempted to open a ticket as the new client. I added a small attachment made up of an image that was under 100KB in size. The image size is well under the upload size limit and the image extension is an allowable file format. When the test message was ready to send I attempted to send it. I get nothing but the animated progress indicator which can be seen in the middle of the following image.

The indicator remains animated (it doesn’t hang or freeze) indicating the sending of the ticket is still in progress but there is never any confirmation that it has been sent. When I log in as the Administrator there is no received new ticket in the ticket queue. When I log in as the client my account shows no open tickets.

I am hopeful you could suggest what the problem might be.