Minor bugs and Feature requests 4.3

Hello David I have just reviewed 4.3
These are some of my findings:

Minor Bugs/annoyances and a feature request

Timezone Caracas still appears as GMT - 4:30 and has changed to GMT -4:00 since 2016
(perhaps this is PHP's  timezone database related), nothing to die for, user just need to change it to AMERICA/LA PAZ and it's done, (can't use America/NYC because in this country there's not DST)


if the server path to attachments is supposed to be

when the button to auto-update the folder is pressed it appears like this:

Somehow triggers the string $msg_settings128 frrom  lang4.php  (line 486 in my current install)
and uses it as an actual path instead of the path that's supposed to be there.
Don't know what's the actual usage of that
Admin Pages/Manage

I still don't read the documentation about Admin pages and don't know what they are for. I promise I will read them soon

but if you try to create an Admin page using custom admin_test_page.php template
you will receive a popup saying "Please enter page title" even when the name has bin written in the field.

When updating profile
(Tested on admin user only)
The popup options are very confiusing

If it is a notification then In my opinion its desirable to remain as an informative only popup with a large and clear OK ACK button.
Instead of edit, manage, add  options that are provided
that doesn't make a lot of sense until you click on the 3 of them and you can see what them are doing.

If those options are to remain there at least, first Place an OK/Close button and not rely in the closing X at the corner of the notification window.
and then have more verbosity about those options,
something like this

|      SYSTEM MESSAGE       |
|                           |
| The user has been updated |
|                           |
|         +------+          |
|         |  OK  |          |
|         +------+          |
| ------------------------- |
| You can also:             |
| Keep editing this user... |
| Manage another users...   |
| Add a new user....        |

It's just a matter of adding more context to those options. and making easier to close the window.

The Feature Request(s)

It would be great if




are included in the zip installer as




and in the install instructions, well, instruct the user to rename them to licence.lic and control/connect.php during first install.

Yes I know the readme clearly states that these 2 files must be removed from installer package when updating but it's easy to forget, specially when an update goes wrong and you repeat the process a few times.

This leads to another feature request

Distribute the maian-latest.zip withouth the parent maian-support/helpdesk folders, because of the still unresolved in this 21st century inhability of mv command to merge folders easily.
At least distribute as a tar where is possilble to strip parent folders on extraction time.
Fortunately I have several backups of my project, but it still a mild torture copying back and forth both files from the backups each time.
It will make updates even easier and will just add a couple of steps in the first install

OTOH I updated spanish translation files for spanish 4.3 but the contact form in maianscriptworld is not working. Gonna send them straight to your email after some testing.