A very tiny installation problem/error [updated/solved]

I just installed Maian Cart 3.7. Everything works fine except that I cannot log into the admin area. (Entering correct or incorrect or even NO credentials and then clicking "Login" simply reloads the login page with no error messages anywhere.) While I can pretty much manage the settings and adding products via phpmyadmin, for some things it can be easier to use the admin area. It's a 100% fresh installation. I though that I would ask here because it may be something that others have encountered and been able to fix using "one simple trick", haha.


I don't know if this is a bug or something wierd on my end. The domain on which I installed Maian Cart was an existing site at https://example.com; the site is set up to force https (so that if someone visits http://example.com/chips, they will be automatically redirected to https://example.com/chips

I disabled this (by commenting out the relevant line in my root htaccess file), was then able to log into the admin area, found "force SSL" to be set to "off" (that's the default setting, it seems), set it to "on", restored my original htaccess, and now all is well.

Also, I see there are quite a few new features since the last time that I tried Maian Cart (a couple of years ago). Excellent work, Mr Bennett.