PHP Mail function

Hello David -

On the Maian Pal download page it states "Maian Pal does not support the PHP mail function" and that "A SMTP account must be available.".

In the installation instructions it states "Update your email settings. Maian Pal supports SMTP and the PHP mail function. ".

Also stated in the installation instructions:

"SMTP - If you prefer to use a SMTP service or server. This is generally more reliable, but can be disabled on many shared servers.".

"PHP Mail Function - Assumes you have an internal mail server. If you choose this option, all other SMTP configuration options are ignored except Host and Port Number. For the PHP mail function host is generally "localhost" and port is 25, but check with your host. Also note that if this is enabled messages are ONLY sent in plain text format. Finally, some servers restrict outgoing messages to none internal mailboxes. If this fails you should try and use SMTP.".

Question:  Am I allowed to try and use the PHP Mail function?  I am testing on a shared server and I am sure I cannot use SMTP.