No mails going out.

I get this when I send test mails: An error occurred. Please enable the mail debug log as per the F.A.Q documentation page

And setting up mail debug does not produce "logs/cron_info.txt".

In the Dashboard / Subscribers / (mailaddr) / History it shows mails as sent but at SendGrid shows that zero mails arrives here.

I did send mails a month ago - it worked. Didn't do anything for a month and now I try to set more responders up but nothing is sent.

I suspect that I can't test with the same email address (signup) and delete it, sign up again and delete it and so on....

So I tried to sign up with a new mail and suddenly the first mail in the series were sent - but not the rest. The first is set to immediately, the rest follows with 10 min intervals. And that mail must have been a php mail as it was not sent through send grid.

Im pretty confused...