A question about video posting

Hi everyone,
Hope you all had a good Christmas.

I just wanted to ask if Dailymotion is one of the options that can be used to post videos in Maian Weblog.
(While obviously, as you probably all know, I would prefer to just post HTML5 videos without any advert and preview c**p, but that is on the way. big_smile).

It's just because I have a DM account and, if possible, I might as well put it to use for the time being.
Thanks and kind regards.
Edited to make some things a bit clearer:
In the mean time I have seen there IS a DM feature (OOPS), however, when I put a video on there I was greeted with a white screen.
I used (as the instructions say) {dailymotion}https://dai.ly/x6yhl3q{/dailymotion}, however, its fleece was white as snow. smile

And one more thing (more like a feature request): would it not be possible to add a sort of preview feature?
It would save to make up a post, post it, and then notice there have to be (lots of ??) changes made and do that all and then upload it all again.
Or is that something I have missed too? (I am beginning to be careful what I say from now on). big_smile