SEO questions


I've recently installed the Maian Cart from Softaculous and I simply love the interface, but I have a couple of questions:

1/ The cart was not planned for Romanian users? as I can't find the country in the Processing Currency drop-down menu.
path: GLOBAL STORE SETTINGS → Other Options → Processing/Currency

2/ SEO area: quote "Optimised for search engines. Supports meta tags, keywords, seo urls with custom slugs, title overrides and more."
"..and more" = Rich snippets integrations ? ( OpenGraph?)

The Document outline currently sees the name of the links of each Categories (a tags)
And does not "see"/(take into account) the name of products: b tag used in div's
For SEO purpose: is it possible to organize it like:

H1: Maian Cart Demo Stores
H2: Category name
H2: Category name
H3: Product1 name in Category 1
H3: Product25 name in Category 1

and use semantic html5 tags:   header with nav, a big section ( probably main tag) with articles for products, aside area, footer with address ?
Is there a theme that has such a structure ?

Thank you in advance!
Kind regards,