In Development

Coming Soon
The following software is currently in development. Work is sporadic across all systems.

Maian Responder – Latest development version is 1.4
Maian Weblog – Finally, v5.0. Currently in beta.

Maian Gallery – Brand new gallery system.
Maian Events – Brand new events system.

Maian Affiliate – Self Hosted Affiliate system.
Maian Fire – Self Hosted Firesale System for JV Partners.
Maian Poll – Self Hosted Poll System.
Maian Social – Self Hosted Social Network Niche Builder.
Maian Bay – Self Hosted Auction System.
Maian Video – Self Hosted Video Site Builder.

Please don`t contact me asking about release dates. The only available info is what you`ll see here and any relevant software websites.

The next updated software release will be Maian Responder v1.4 in March 2017.

The next new software will be Maian Weblog v5.0 in March 2017.
In Beta
There is no software in beta at this moment in time.
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