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A warm welcome to Maian Script World. Here you will find some great free php scripts/software for your own personal or business use. All the software is responsive and built with the latest technologies. Each free system also has a commercial version, which offers unlimited access to all features of that script. More information on the relevant software/script website.

All software is self hosted and a white label version is also available if you are looking to offer systems for your clients or make some money online. All commercial versions are a one off payment and all upgrades are free.

Please take a look at the software available and I hope you find something useful. Any questions, please let me know via the contact page.

Latest News

Maian Support v4.2 Released
I am pleased to announce the release of v4.2 of my helpdesk system.

This update fixes a few issues since the last release and adds a few new features / enhancements. As always, thanks for any feedback received.

To see the changelog, please visit the Maian Support website:

Enjoy this new version.


Thank you,
David - Lead Developer (MSWorld)
Maian Cart v3.5 Released
I am pleased to announce the release of Maian Cart v3.5. This is a maintenance update to fix a few bugs since 3.4.

Changelog and information:

This also officially patches the system from the vulnerability mentioned here:

You have until around Dec 7 2018 before this is made public, so please patch your systems immediately if you haven`t already done so. If you prefer not to upgrade, simply follow the instructions in the zip file in the previous post for information. Thank you.

Contact me or post on the forum if you aren`t sure.


Thank you,
David - Lead Developer (MSWorld)
IMPORTANT! Critical Update. Patch Systems Immediately
A vulnerability in Maian Cart was recently reported to me by Martin Schophaus of https://mschop.de which could enable a malicious user to execute a SQL injection command via a forged 'X-Forwarded-For' header. This issue is not currently public and will not be made public for 30 days, so you have plenty of time to patch any affected systems. My thanks to Martin for his sensitivity in this matter.

It is important that you patch your systems NOW.

As a precautionary measure I have updated similar code in other Maian systems to make sure they can not be attacked, so if you are using any commercial Maian product, you should do the following as soon as possible.

1. Download the patch instructions. Each software has it`s own txt file, so refer to that:

2. Follow the instructions in any file to update a function in the 'control/functions.php' file.

3. Older versions can also be patched by copying the code inside the function to the existing function.

Any problems, please let me know. I apologise for this issue and hope that it hasn`t caused you any inconvenience. Thank you as always for supporting my software.


Thank you,
David - Lead Developer (MSWorld)
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