February Updates
Maian Weblog is now at beta 2. I won`t need any more beta testers for this, the system will go live soon. Thanks for the help. This is the first of the updates for the old systems. :)

There have been a few issues with Maian cart 3.0 since it launched, these are all fixed in the latest download zips, but an official update will be released soon. Sorry for the problems you may have encountered.

v1.4 of Maian Responder is a major update and will also be ready soon. To see the changelog for this release, please visit:

And finally, a new version of Maian Events is also underway, an update to follow soon.

Thank you,
David - Lead Developer (MSWorld)
Maian Weblog v5.0 Beta 1 Available
I am pleased to announce the first beta of Maian Weblog v5.0.

This is a brand new overhaul of the blog system.

If you have time and would like to help beta test, please let me know via the contact page.

v1.4 of Maian Responder is also now in development and will be completed soon. To see the new changes, please visit:

Thank you,

David - Lead Developer (MSWorld)
Maian Guardian v1.0 Released
I am pleased to announce the release of Maian Guardian, a self hosted licence system for Source Guardian (sourceguardian.com)

More information on the Maian Guardian website:


David - Lead Developer (MSWorld)
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