Photo Insert Not Happening, No photos seen.

Hi David

I uploaded two photos with menus, an email tells me they were uploaded but they are not in any folder or in database.

Then I uploaded same photos from Admin panel, it said they had been but they are not.

None of the photos were named Lord Lucan or Harry Houdini so I don't understand how or why they vanished!!!

File permissions are set at 777 in appropriate folder, have looked everywhere for incorrect or missing code/reference but find nothing.

My Mother never gave birth to a stupid son and I don't like to disappoint her so I have been thorough in looking for the problem.

Do you have any ideas? Once I have it running, as is, I am then going to attempt to include code within the CSS pages of main part of site. Your module is at and Admin is where you left it, thats if you want to look in there. Use Andy McNabs patrol callsign for word and user the folder name you like to change.

Thanks heaps in anticipation of a solve on it.

Kind regards

Danny D:

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