Flash Header settings

Hi, me again.. I am trying to understand where the statement would go to be able to change how the flash header would not be shown on a particular page.

I see the txt you wrote in the header.tpl.php:

You can also display different things for different pages using if statements or a switch statement.
   The $this->IS_CMD value holds the current page. ie, for the homepage:
   if ($this->IS_CMD=='home') {
   switch ($this->IS_CMD) {
     case 'home':
     do something..
     case 'add-recipe':
     do something..

I guess I am not smart enough to know where to put the IF or Switch statements to display the different things for different pages.
What I was hoping to do is keep the flashheader from showing up (dont want it) on my about us page.

Thank so much!

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