Maian Music v2.3 Released
I`m pleased to announce the latest version of Maian Music.

This update focuses on full support for PHP7.

To view the changelog visit:

To download visit:

Thank you.
Maian Support v3.4 Released
An update for Maian Support has been released, this fixes a few issues since 3.3. View changelog at:

In the coming weeks I`ll be doing some quick updates for the free scripts to keep them afloat. Changes will be some or all of the following:

- Remove deprecated functions and add support for PHP7
- Update mysql functions to mysqli
- Layout changes via bootstrap and font awesome
- Update installers for mysql5

Shame to just let the free systems die, so these changes should see better compatibility on modern platforms. Not sure when they will surface.

Maian Cart v3.0 continues to be in development and is coming soon.
Maian Support v3.3 Released
Version 3.3 of Maian Support is now available.

This is a maintenance update to fix a few issues since 3.2.

If you have purchased Maian Support or are subscribed to the Maian Support newsletter you will receive email notification with further details.

For anyone else, refer to the upgrade instruction in the zip file of the latest version.

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