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June Updates

Maian Music v2.0 is ready for release and should go live shortly, as always with a new system there will be a pre launch sale, so keep an eye out for that. More info soon.

Maian Cube v2.0 and Maian Lockbox v2.0 are also completed. All will be released soon.

May Updates

Maian Music v2.0 is about to go to beta 5, this will be the last beta release. Official release is looking like sometime in July.

Maian Cube v2.0 and Maian Lockbox v2.0 will also be released around the same time. See the ‘In Development’ page for links to the progress updates.

These are the main focus at the moment. Maian Support v3.1 will be a little later in the year and Maian Cart v3.0 into the New Year.

New websites for all systems will go live shortly as well. The new MSWorld website later in the year.

Hope everyone is keeping ok.

April Updates

Hope everyone is doing ok.

There are a few changes coming soon to the MSWorld setup, so here is what`s on the way:

MAIAN MUSIC v2.0 – Currently at beta 3. Will be at beta 4 shortly. Release possibly May.
MAIAN LOCKBOX v2.0 – New version in progress. You can view the updates here.
MAIAN CUBE v2.0 – New version in progress, more details soon.
MAIAN CART v3.0 – I`ve delayed the next version as I want to do a full update and bring it up to date as a responsive system. Possibly be next year now when this is ready. Its a big system and will take time.
MAIAN SUPPORT v3.1 – Responsive layout improvements and more features for the API are the main focus with 3.1

The Ioncube system will be removed from all scripts and all of them will have white label licence options. For a one off purchase you can sell the system as your own, at any price, on any site. Some of you have been waiting for this I know :)

New websites for all scripts are also in development and all will be launched soon. I`m working closely with a marketing team to bring some improvements overall to all sites.

Finally, for customers in the EU, but not in the UK, tax will be added to the price of commercial licences to comply with the new MOSS law. If you were thinking of buying, now is a good time as it`s tax free.

Thats all for now. More info as and when it happens. Contact me if you have questions. is an authorized reseller of goods and services provided by Maian Script World.© 2003-2015 David Ian Bennett. All Rights Reserved

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