Maian Cart 3.0 - Beta - Available Soon
I`m pleased to announce that the beta version of Maian Cart 3.0 will be ready soon. Should be end of this month, early October.

If you are interested and have some time to offer to beta test the new version, please drop me an email via the contact page. As always I can offer some free licences depending on your beta involvement.

This is an extensive rebuild for Maian Cart with the main focus being it`s responsive system. The list of changes can be found at:

More information to follow soon. If you are a beta tester you`ll receive email notification when the beta is ready.

Newsletter Apology
Sorry if some of you got sent the newsletter email way too many times.

I`m not sure what caused it (can only assume a database issue), but I`ll try and make sure it doesn`t happen again.
Maian Responder v1.3 Released
The latest version of Maian Responder is now available, this fixes a couple of bugs since the last version and adds support for PHP7.



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