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Maian Responder Beta 2

Maian Responder is now at beta 2, so shouldn`t be long before the official release. I`ll launch the system with a special offer 30% discount launch price, but if you are a newsletter subscriber you`ll get a bigger discount. :)

I fly back to Hong Kong on Monday. Great to see friends and family in the UK. Take care you guys, I`ll see you soon.


Maian Responder Beta and Maian Music v2.0

Thanks to the kind people who have offered some time to test Maian Responder, another email will follow very soon.

I`ve decided to move onto Maian Music v2.0 next, rather than updating Maian Cart, that will be later in the year now. I started the new version of Maian Music 2 years ago, but due to work commitments it was put on hold. Now its time for completion. :)

I get many emails about the new version of Maian Music, so I`m happy to say that its now going to finally see the light of day. The new version should be ready in the next 2, maybe 3 months. Its a complete rewrite of the system with brand new features to bring it up to date.

You can follow its progress on the Maian Music dev page:

More information shortly. Maian Responder beta testers, expect an email this week. :)

Maian Responder v1.0 Beta 1

Just a heads up to let you know that there will be a slight delay with the beta version. I`m still running some more tests, so want to be sure I`m happy with everything before offering it for beta testing.

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