Maian Support v3.3 Released
Version 3.3 of Maian Support is now available.

This is a maintenance update to fix a few issues since 3.2.

If you have purchased Maian Support or are subscribed to the Maian Support newsletter you will receive email notification with further details.

For anyone else, refer to the upgrade instruction in the zip file of the latest version.

April Updates
Sorry for anyone waiting for Maian Support 3.3. My fathers death knocked me about a bit and I`m just getting myself back on track.

The other reason for the delay is I`m testing it for PHP7, so 3.3 will be PHP7 compatible as a few people have asked about it. It should be ready soon.

Maian Cart also progresses. I`m hoping the beta for 3.0 will be ready in May, but let`s see.

More info soon.
March Updates
Updates have been a little slow the last couple of weeks, mainly due to the death of my father from cancer and my girlfriend visiting from Hong Kong for Easter. 2 weeks ago was the most traumatic of my life, which I`m still coming to terms with. I knew my father was ill, but didn`t expect him to go so soon. :(

I`ll be doing a maintenance release soon for Maian Support which fixes a few issues from 3.2 and continuing with the new version of Maian Cart.
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